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So they have a lot of people there. Lot of fans trust them. And he said, the basically it wasn't until this past year that they got it. He really got a chance to show himself and what he can do. And although he did give up some big plays. That defense was not good. He labeled him as this is as a cheese fan is has a player. That's leaving. You know, he doesn't have to sugarcoat this. And he said that he thought he was a bright spot on a defense didn't have many. He values an improving player. He definitely is a very physical player sometimes to the point where it's a detriment can get a couple of can get some passenger firms calls but other than that he had. Foreigner sections fifteen pass breakups in his first years of fulltime starter. I would say that as of right now he is the penciled in starter across Joe Haden, and so Joe Haden and Nelson would be your one and two you have Hilton is a slot. You've Cam Sutton is a four maybe Artie burns. I don't know what they're playing for him. If they're definitely not picking up his fifth year option. But I think Cornerbacks also position they might target in the draft. So it's going to be interesting to see how they go in that route. I I don't know I have a chance to watch film on Nelson. So I don't know too much. There were some cheese fans that came over to our site and kinda gave some insight and every time I'd how sometimes he struggles to locate the ball one of them called him. Mr. no, look because he couldn't locate the football, but at the same time welcomed to Pittsburgh where defensive X can't intercept the ball. They can't intercept the ball period. So he gets twenty eight million. Three year deal. People are wondering is is another Mike Mitchell deal, or is this going to be something that actually pays off one thing. I can't stand. And I know I don't hate calling out writers. But Marco volley said this for the athletic. He said is narrative was the Steelers inactive and free agency. But maybe that's not a good thing. He went back in history and recent history in the history, Mike Tomlin talked about when the Steelers were active in free agency. And what that means and how they performed look they could all be crappy signings until you get one..

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