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Mr Kershaw tonight must win for the Rays. Carlos pain. You told us that earlier. Tampa three Nothing on the joggers. Top five. Lakes now doing his job. A case only two walks, four strikeouts, but I have to take you back to the first inning. Second batter of the game, A message was sent. Is Brandon Lau hit a home run. I think he had like 40 home runs and gets said earlier in the show in the regular season. Loud Gets one and world Siri's game number two Top 52 outs. Tampa three Dodgers. Nothing now you gotta hold on, but we'll get Brandon Lau is stock up for the home run. We continue to cruise along. They call me Mr Big Chess and they call me Mr Loud Mouth. Antonio Brown. He's coming back. We don't know where yet, but you already see some reports. Circulating. It could be Seattle. Abey. Don't mess it up your heck of a player but your own worst enemy, Antonio Brown that looks like he has a path back to the NFL. Stock up. I I really like Stan Van Gundy with an eagle on And a on TNT. Now, Stan Van Gundy saying, I'm out of the broadcast booth back to the sidelines, He joined the Pelicans. Zion Williamson brains in Ingram. More importantly, Zion Williamson Stock up Stan Van Gundy. Tom Brady is known for being a patriot. Now he's Tampa Bay Buccaneers LeBron James, known for being a cab. And also rooting for the Cleveland Indians and the Yankees. Brady I don't know what baseball team the roots for. I want to say, I've seen them before on a Yankees hat. So regardless, though, he celebrates the Red Sox when they win, LeBron will always root for the Yankees always root for. I think LeBron's a Yankee fan, but also remember that the World Series rooting for the Indians now all the sudden since LeBron is an ally, he's Mr Dodger and break because he's in Tampa. He's opening up the World Series was a heck of an intro, by the way, and now he's being Mr Tampa Bay Ray Guys, can you pick a sports team and stop flopping just because you decide to go to a different team and vassal ating on what team you actually root for? It's too much to keep up on and keep in check. Pick one baseball team. Either be a race fan, or nobody else be a Dodger spend. Nobody else was gonna be If LeBron goes out search, I think will continue and end his career and ally. If I don't know if he goes toe insert random team. Let's just go. Milwaukee would never happen is to become a brewers fan necks. They're being supportive, but guys picking one team police stock down Brady and LeBron on finally stock down to the Red Sox. Huge traded Mookie Betts one more time you traded movie,.

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