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Josh Anderson comes out with it goes toward the back of the net. And then change direction come back to the near corner as he was sealed off by Michael me. Anthony, declare gets in their battles fort kept me does wind up getting the puck goes to the far corner. And we'll bounce. This went up the far reports. Alex Ovechkin whips it down the ice Loppy an ice ball. Steph Jones back inside of his own end. And is able to play it goes across the sack Marantz outback Jones. Again Jones will use forehand. Chip it off the glass in the left wing corner. Charleston goes down along with Boone Jenner. We'll get a whistle is both a little bit slow getting up here. Both went these first into the boards. Fortunately, they weren't going at a high rate of speed. Two minutes and forty four seconds remain here in the second period. Just a battle for the pocket. Both guys losing an edge going down. Boone took the worst of that to be honest with you. He hits on his right hip. Pretty close to the ice here. But he's on the bench. He's fine Wynberg Windsor. Faceoff new Davar with a quick shot to flex office. Stick and goes out of play jackets with only twelve shots. In this game and put that in a little bit better perspective, they have only four shots in this period. They had eight but first period. Eight jobs is what Washington has here in the second. Neither scored a goal in the period. Three to nothing began was have the lead and the capital's win the face off. Lay the puck across the ice. Jacob Ron dumps it in behind the blue jackets from the red line central to the far board to now. Rick wide pass picked off in the shot by red codling missed. Dodge a bullet there. And here's a bucket set up the right wing boards are typically. In the neutral zone comes around behind the Washington net. Trying to fight off one man carries it to the blue line since it off the far wall noodle Barak gets there off the back and he plays along the end boards behind the net Yorkshireman to parity. He holds he shoots. Hope. He makes say there is a rebound. Blue jackets pick it up and get back to the blue line Puertas out covering their skates along the line in a penalty is upcoming Yorkshire and takes a pass gets in the high slot. Turn shoots and hopefully makes the same. But the blue jackets are going to be on the ADP power play for the remainder of period. Number two. And it's going to be a slashing call that goes against the Washington Capitals. Washington pedal. The number ninety two two minutes sloshing again. Ganic whose nets off it gets called in Pinera. He made sure he got the call. I'll tell you that. He did make sure that officials knew that he got whacked with that. Stick. Good hard work all the way around the boards. By Chemi Peres. Gets getting their first power play opportunity of the game. Felino loses the face off, the capital's will send trying to get it up high on the glass in the corner that bounced over the glass into the netting. So the face off will come the exact same spot, right wing circle. Wynberg Atkinson, Felino Jones and the wall on the power play. Large Eller facing off against Nick Felino Felino wins this draw. Seth Jones gets it to get back to Jones with shots. Obeyed rebounded other save is hoping slip back into position to stop that shot by Pierre looked to walk on the near boards to walk tries to make a pass to the metal in the capital of break it up clear the zone. That was large Eller that made that play defensively that forces the blue jackets all the way back behind their own net. Seth Jones brings it out since it up the right wing side back to the middle. Winberg carries it in gives the fleet on the right wing boards. He'll play it around behind the net. John Carlson cuts it off capitals moved to the near wall and are going to be able to skate it all the way up over the blue line. And sent this went down the length of the ice. It's coming into play tonight. Sixteen point three percent on the power play. Nope. Comes Atkinson to the right wing circle in sharp angle shot missed the net. Seth Jones back out the Pierre. Luke DuBois across for Cam Atkinson wanted to come back to the middle of got Jeff DuBois holds it at the blue line gives to Seth Jones. Like he wanted to give it to Atkinson who didn't read that. Right. Cam. Does get it on the far boards back out to the walk fakes a slapshot gives to Jones his shot is caught by Hopi who holds on for a face off with thirty five point four seconds left in the second period. Capital still leading this game by the score of three to nothing. Jeff Jones two goals. In philadelphia. The other night. Show the replay on the board of of getting taken out by Travis point. No penalty because Travis Boyd was losing an edge falling down. He didn't intentionally run into the goaltender. Try to stop. Jenner will take the face off. This is in the left wing circle of the capital. And Washington is going to be waived out Nick McDowell. We'll give way to devante Smith Pelly. A lot of talking going on these face offs tonight. It's like face off one on one every time. They get the puck linesmen talking to these guys a lot tonight ended up getting the puck from the draw had Aaron place to the end boards Boone Jenner gets over to Anthony declare back out Zack warrants, they'll send it across the peninsula. Acta Renske static centerpoint place to declare the left wing circle no shooting lane. So he peels around goes back to Iran's could get through declare Agana cross for that. One. Got tipped by the capitals, say then. We couldn't get to the right point in time to hold that puck in the zone. Second period. About the come to an end and the blue jackets will not get a shot away. All the power play. So it is still a three to nothing Washington lead at the end. Of two periods of play seven seconds remains on the blue jackets power play. But. Start with a face off at center ice. And so the capitals for all intents and purposes have killed off power play blue jackets got some looks. But no goals. That has been the story of this game. No goals tonight for the blue jackets for the first forty minutes of play several walkup interview. It's being brought to you by Chas round Chevy Buick GMC with any vehicle purchase Jezreel by your oil changes and your tire rotations for the life of your ownership. Visit says route on route twenty three in Delaware or you can find them online chess round dot com. So it's a three to nothing lead for the Washington Capitals. Joined by Marcus Santa Konin in Marcus when you get on the ice. You're an energy guy right now through forty minutes. There hasn't been enough energy. What can you do as a team to pick? That up is is it just gonna take getting that first goal. We just gotta win the five fifty fifty battles. We gotta go hard kogo hard grind them down. We're not just winning enough battles. While you play the game on Thursday at Philadelphia where the home team was down in the third period that came roaring back tie the game. You're on the other end here. You have to do the same thing tonight. Don't. Yeah. Of course, that's what we're gonna do in the third period to stuck you puzzling. And not get those markets. Thank you very much. Good luck into third. Thank you. Mark, Shannon, cutting of the blue jackets. Joining us. The capitals are.

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