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Thanks for joining us on this monday. Edition of classic radio theater an episode today of my friend. Irma starring marie wilson as was originally also broadcast on a monday march eighth nineteen forty eight in the newspapers of that monday. Seventy three years ago these were some of the headlines democratic national chairman. J howard mcgrath. Last night denied rumors that he is quitting the job. He said the denial also goes for gayle sullivan. Executive director of the committee mcgrath. A formal statement described the reports as part of a plan to destroy the confidence of democrats in their leadership. He referred specifically to a broadcast last night by drew pearson which she called pulse as the rest in his broadcast last night pearson prefaces remarks about the political situation with the title inside. The democratic national committee said no president has ever lost so much ground in four weeks. Harry truman situation. So bad the both howard mcgrath and gayle sullivan. Chairman and director of the committee would like to resign they had enough figures to plug the leaks in the truman dyke ice rain and snowstorms played great. Part of the nation yesterday disrupting travel and utility services in several areas. Two men were killed. Two missing twenty nine others injured when a midnight exposure could be heard for ten miles level the plastics factory in waltham massachusetts bodies the to workers removed from the wrecked inter late chemical corporation and the rescuers worked with a power shovel to clear. The rubble will body so badly charred they could not be immediately identified governor james l. mcconnell became connecticut's chief executive a year ago after distinguished career as a college administrator died. Suddenly yesterday the sixty old republican governor former president of knox college and wesleyan university died twenty four hours after he had been admitted to hartford hospital suffering from intestinal influenza fillet dollah cheapie. A bulgarian minister to london reside yesterday. In protests against the establishment of the soviet system in eastern europe. He said he would work as a private citizen for restoration of liberty and democracy in his country. Mrs florence hubbard a sixty eight year old thirty dollars a week department saleslady almost as thrilled yesterday over a telephone call from her top boss as she was about a call from aradio show which i awarded her a twenty two thousand five hundred dollar jackpot prizes for identifying comedian. Jack benny is a walking man. Mrs hubbard a widow on one of hundreds of employs. Oh carson pirie scott and company never had met are talk to her boss before she identified betty the walking man saturday night when she received a call from ralph edwards semester ceremonies of the truth or consequences broadcast on nbc. She was nervous and a little worried when edwards in beni invited her to be a guest on their programs in hollywood next weekend. She said you'd have to ask the store. I if she could go within a few minutes. She received a congratulatory call. When the president of the store. John t period saying it was fine to go west some of the day's top news stories reported in the newspapers of monday march eighth nineteen forty eight on your radio. My friend irma which continues now on classic radio. Theater lowers for jasey. Oh hear ya boy thankfully o. Erva therefrom richard view. And here's a card on a. Isn't this sweet. It says we'll never quarrel again. I'm looking forward to dinner tonight. Love richard thoughtful love him. Oh yes. I wonder what our will bring probably wax paper. So what he can't eat he can take home. You should pick on like that. Something is going to be a big man. And he couldn't be a big man if he was wearing stilts. That boyfriend of yours has more angles in a four way. cold tablets. jane hi chicken. Hello alison chicken. Jane a box of assorted chocolates really. Let's see three peanut bars. One old nick. Two packages life savers. This is quite a present diamond. Jim dangerous work. I shook that candy machine. Till i was blue in the fame. Look here's a card for male o. L. i could kiss you for this card. What does it say. Love is a path between two hearts from which we have never swerved so say those words. I've longed to hear dying dinner esther. Jane isn't the another longfellow. Yeah but longfellow road from suffering al rights from hunger. Don't talk about al that way jane. Al did that job. Come through with craig oil. No chicken got interested in a great deal. it's a derek with a ferris wheel attached. So if you don't strike oil you can open an amusement park challenge wonderful you see what hidden talents. He has jane hidden. They should be exiled g. Jane isn't wonderful now. I've got ala back. And you've got richard back. But i'm still not happy now. What's the matter. honey. I keep thinking of the professor michio riley. I can't be happy. If i know other people are unhappy but honey what can we do about it. Well i've got a plan. No no wait. A minute irma. no. I'll be right back. Oh what do you think chicken is up to. I don't know albert. I'm afraid she's out on a mercy errand. He's probably gonna try to get professor. Podcast and mrs o'reilly down here together. She ain't got a chance. You know although chickens got a great hot. I don't think she's got much tech j. Well i'll put it this way al. If erm i had been a diplomat during the civil war not only with the north of the south but the eastwood is slugged. It out with the west. You keep an eye on the pot roast while i get the phone. Hello oh hello richard. Oh your flowers. Were just beautiful. Yeah dinner will be at seven. We're having a pot. Roast and irma accomplishes what i think she's trying to do. We may have the police for dessert to you. When i see you goodbye. Richard house rosedale never tasted anything better. Oh i want you to do was just to me. It's all fixed armagh. They're coming for dinner he has. I told mrs o'reilly was surprised. And i couldn't tell her who the fellow was well. What about the professor. We had a girlfriend for him. Who is a combination of rita hayworth and a lot of turner put together chicken. How could you say that. The two of them put together about as old as mr ryland way about the same chicken. The professing fall for that. Did he did when i showed him this picture. Of course he he doesn't know who it is. Let me see who is this. System is laura but this must have been taken when she was eighteen years old janice getting a woman. Not a car doesn't have.

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