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Ready for the big leagues yet does have some Fast hardcore parts to it. They never really fit but it. It's you know clearly. The drummer or somebody in the band still feel fills the need to be a hardcore band. Despite the fact that we're clearly a medical van. Can you picture this type of band in your mind. Yes okay. I have a gun to your fucking heads one gun but it both your heads are lined up. Okay and i say we can either sound like the chokehold record or the second fuck howard. Jones will be Jesse leach how do i know that know. How do i know the dudes in the bands. I don't know the fucking kills which engage. Oh i can sound like the chokehold record content with dying or whatever the fucking second of that. You ready for tom. This trustfall take us wherever. We're gonna go if i was in a medical like virgins the band. We're we're we're all the this band patrick's pulled guys. This is our direction. We're either going this. kill switch. sound or chokehold. He's got the gun at my temple and you're behind me and i'm trustfall them letting you take wherever you go is how will. I'm probably going to die. But i probably would kill switch. Oh okay patrick. Did you pull the trigger. No i respected the fact that you guys committed in every ban like that there is a guy you know what i mean. There's a there's a person in the ban. That's like not totally. They'd just go like i know. I know i'm going to ban like this. This isn't really what i like. Yes immoral even in my own. Like justin brandon likes to anger. Simone's listen to fucking anything in the grand scheme of things you like. He is like he'll listen up the crisis but it's not like he's not like the guy it's like and then this deep cut fucking vegan medical van on He's not that guy always fucking black flag and in la yet like fucking minute men but meanwhile you wanna sound like this or if we could redo this and make it sound bigger when you want. Bigger he'd probably be like give me a little bigger. Not like everything will trigger artisanship like talent a big grown. I mean he. He's yeah. I think that would make sense if tom knows by going to kill switch route. That obviously in this ban. Patrick me and you are playing either bass or guitar. Is tom's going to sing. That's fact and he's like yo..

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