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I don't like the desert don take. Too bleak. Yeah everything looks alike. Mall. They got a dentist there. They got an. Place they got the pizza. It's all the same. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so you've been living on the east coast, your whole life. I lived in La the twenty years when I went to California in seventy seven. Wound up in Venice. Look around there. When my daughter was like sixteen grades weren't so hot and I said. Look I don't want to anymore. I don't have to I. Never Work here. They hired me I get on an airplane I can do that back east. I hear the schools in Connecticut. Good so either. Get Your Act Together A. we're moving, so we wound up moving and then after the first semester she wound up becoming a in honor student again and I said what changed and she said well. I guess you know it's kind of. It's cool to be smart here. Thank as a good call on your behalf. Yeah, so so, how did you start? How do you start to start acting, did you? Did you go to New York? Where did you go? Yeah, a flurry had a friend that knew an actor. Not, your not your mother's husband, the uncle. Yeah, because I can carry you call your father now. Well, he yeah, I call them my father. I call the both my father after a while okay? When he got out of prison, he he lived with us then Mommy through daddy out of the House and an flurry stayed. Oh, so he was actually there when you were a kid. He was there until I was like you know he'd come and visit and an remember him I memories of coming to the house playing with with me then I remember my mom taking me to the Federal Holding Facility that he'd been convicted of what I didn't know at the time and saying goodbye touching the glass and talking on the telephone. you know I was seven years old I thought it was really cool. Yeah, what do you get? What was in prison for the last thing? Was You know drug trafficking? He was a solid. He was A. Wise Guy that's yeah. I wanted to be an actor. Wanted to. He wanted to be a wise guy. That's what he wanted to be. And, he was any was. Okay, so how how did that? How did he inspire? You're acting. he said. Every every move I ever made. My life was the wrong move. Don't fuck up your life like I fucked up my life. The energy that I put into doing this shit. You take that energy in a positive way. If you put your mind to it at this is what you WanNa, do because he saw me in highschool play. He said this is what you WANNA do. And there's nothing he can stop. You said remember those fucking movie stars they wipe. Dare ask twice a day if they're lucky. and. And so it was what I wanted to do. And I and I met a guy who said go down HP studios, and that's how I. You know I've been incredibly lucky. In my life to meet. Mentors people that had something that I want you know like they say in in the twelve step program that that saw something in me that I didn't know existed and guided me. It was HP STUDIOS HP studios. There was a guy named Al Stinky's. He wasn't even a teacher. really talented guy, you know. And I got to stage manage on on shows that directed and now is in New York. On Bank Street Okay An also teachers teachers like. Might my speech therapy teacher there and and other teachers that followed after him and and justice. You know other people you know like the ally Wallich and Jackson because I was in school with their daughter Roberta and they. They! They took me introduced my first agent in working. Just a little teeny breaks series of of those little thousand little breaks that you get. So. What was it so in high school? You did some acting law. I stuff you did in New York see when I decided to be an actor. By last year at high school, and I was I don't know four months shy of being nineteen years old because I was undiagnosed dyslexic. You know they didn't have dyslexia than it was. Scoop it lazier crazy. Right as I didn't know how to read. I didn't learn how to read because. I was embarrassed in which so difficult and I just took. A attitude is one of the reasons why I wanted to be in showbusiness I thought didn't need. To read to learn how? Do you need to read for. It looks easy been buying my whole life and And so. By my teacher said if you want to do this, you have an aptitude for this. You'RE GONNA need to learn how to read. So. I started was diagnosed that founded a teacher elementary school teacher that evaluated me said I had a third grade reading level, so those first two or three years HP studios I used. To find off off Broadway and I would audition. For little little plays that had. No repercussions. Could fall on my nose, and nobody would give a shit, right. They weren't going anywhere and I wasn't going anywhere right, so I did a lot of these little basement plays. As I started to learn how to read. is a a crazy time, right? It was basement plays. He must've been pretty wild. Though is the sixties right or what early seventies early seventies yeah but listen. My rent was a hundred and six dollars a month right was waiting tables to three times a week and living like a King I was making. You know a hundred and forty dollars a week. Yeah, I had a lot of money I. Don't know how these kids do today. Yeah, so you doing the little place in the basement? You're learning how to read. You're waiting tables. Waiting tables and The, you get lucky I gotta play. A national tour of one flew over the CUCKOO's nest. Who? Played Billy Bibit. And then I got it by the production of that. With Robert Forster a summer tour. Who did he play? mcmurphy! Oh, no kidding Yeah, he you know He. He is another one that just you know saw something in me and and and. Introduce me to people I got the hang out with them and get to know him, and he was great. He was absolutely great. And And I just did. I got my SAG card for what. I did a I. Did a Joseph Strict Movie? Barry boss was in Regina. BAFF Robert Drive sub number two I had A and I I did that. I, I would see guys..

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