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Four dollars as a february twenty third he had already earned fifty four thousand six hundred sixty one dollars he was the highest paid member of f troop in each of the last four years and was the top earner in the entire state police department from two thousand fourteen to two thousand sixteen last year he was only outdone by the department's former superintendent richard mckeon he's the one who resigned after he tried the broom the case of the hack judges junkie prostitute daughter richard mckeon and the reason he the reason mckeon beat coffee in terms of money was that he got a one hundred sixty one thousand six hundred eighty eight dollars in unused sick and vacation time landing in assignment and f troop has long been considered a lucrative gig but in recent years overtime payments in the division of soared to new extremes helping to boost the number of troopers earning eyepopping psalms in total f troop employees collected a total of nine point five million in overtime last year seventy three percent more than they did just four years ago so if in twenty fourteen bhagat five point five million in overtime last year they got nine point five million nine point five million neither the state police nor the mass port authority had die had publicly filed informations on troop on troop payouts sense two thousand ten the number two guy in f trope was sergeant neil calman he collected three hundred nine thousand three hundred and fifteen dollars in two thousand seventeen last year fifty four troopers owned over two hundred thousand up from seventeen in twenty fourteen wow so you wanna you wanna go down the list.

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