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Markets come when there's a recession On, the horizon. Speaking rust wiles personal finance columnists at the Arizona Republic which is part, of the USA, today network he's written initiating piece entitled, nations strong economy could, supercharge stocks stock returns. But watch out on bonds so what about bonds. Here in this scenario well Dr, simply I said if. Interest rates do continue to rise, and they have been into lately not dramatically but they've. Been, they've been starting to push higher bond prices would be hurt that'd be bonds, holdings in, bond mutual funds Bondi whatever the very simple. Rule there is a bond prices move inversely the interest rates and longer term bonds would be more in fact. Already bonds are, kind, of flat for the year even including their the interest income that that's generated what about on. The housing front I mean I think housing conditions are reasonably good provided again that Interest rates don't, push up to to quickly I mean. Mortgage rates right now, still are four and a half. Percent range. Pretty good. I think from a. Long-term perspective it's in session, does increase. Mortgage rates which are pegged up the bond market are. We going, to rise too so that's some to to look, at but in general I mean as you know. Our homeownership has dropped about six? Percentage points, of the last decade so I think there's room, to To add some new. Home Bobby nice, Russ wiles, from the Arab, Zona Republic it is twenty minutes now in front of the hour. On This Morning America's.

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