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That killed twenty people in upstate New York. Family of Amanda ribbon Burke, who was killed claimed the company put an illegal and dangerous vehicle on the road and a driver that wasn't properly. Licensed. Daria Albinger, ABC news. Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven thanks for joining us today in for Taylor. Van sice? I'm Charlie harder. We have sunshine in Seattle where it's fifty downtown here at KOMO now. Look at the day's top local stories from the KOMO twenty four hour newsroom. A person is dead after a Bremerton Kitsap airport or van runs off the road and crashes into a tree on highway sixteen late this morning trooper Chelsea Hodgson with the Washington state patrol says the crash held up traffic, we had both lanes blocked ten till the fire was put out after that point the left lane was reopened the single occupant of the vehicle, which is the driver was pronounced a thesis at the scene. She says here in the early stages of the investigation don't know what caused the driver to run off the road and crash the force of the man's impact. Toppled the tree it hit the international airport in Bellingham is bracing for a sharp drop in traffic. Komo's Corwin Hake reports. It's an expected consequence. When commercial service begins at Paine field air, travelers from Snohomish county and points north have long had an alternative to seatac Bellingham international airport, offering daily flights to several western US destinations now though as we told you last. Week tickets are on sale for flights out of pain covering many of the same destinations as Bellingham Bellingham port officials estimate. The launch of commercial service pain will mean a five percent drop in traffic at Bellingham international port of Bellingham, aviation director Neil Harmon is not too worried about it. He tells the Bellingham herald the new capacity in Everett will quickly be saturated as demand for air travel continues to grow. He says Belling hands expected drop in traffic will.

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