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Kids mouth on rental start. At nine thirty and. Which registration. Cost Thirty, five dollars. Now for the five k.. And then only fifteen dollars for the. Kids but it's. Going to be totally family friendly totally family friendly shirts we've got awesome metals we are in Iraq into Where's their. Long sounds like and. Plenty of sponsorship still village Answers. That you want? To thank before we wrap it up yet We are. So thankful for c. h. Katie heart center as well as mythic mythic Free the free agency oceanfront dentistry as core, and recipe we got I we've got at least ten dozen fifteen sponsors. Right now and it will have them all up on all up on our website Okay they'll be Oliver our t shirts and everything else, gotten we've gotten some really great community responsive are awesome remember twenty-second yes Awareness and, and we're just so excited to spread the word girls have taken on a. Lot not only are you pregnant expecting, your third your. Mom of three and busy and co directors of the first annual rock the beat run September twenty second, dismal swamp, canal trail this is all in part, with the newly, formed chapter of mended little hearts of Costa. Virginia Carey gurney Stephanie lion they can find you on Facebook -solutely easy to find and we will, see one the, twenty second you want, to give. The. Website one more, time Mendel little hearts of coastal Virginia. Search on Facebook mental little cart.

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