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Green Phillies Julie Hampshire tally up the grades after an hour discussion on the city's work in sustainable transportation energy waste handed building use transportation included bike lanes Olivia has the highest percentage of by commuters versus other cities however there's not many project bike lanes and the bicycle coalition is speaking many strides to increase those the bicycle coalitions ready low by so says the mayor promised thirty miles of protected bike lanes before he was elected we now have five miles and mayor Kenny is in his second term and you're also says the city gained points for its ambitious energy goals even a small energy plan has a goal of eighty percent in this direction is by twenty fifty you or in our own sixty percent by twenty thirty people who do you also have parts of the city that could have a refer prevent the panel gave the city a C. on transportation C. plus on energy I. D. on waste and a B. on building use him globis KYW news radio and this is something that Bill Cosby says he's prepared to serve the ten year maximum sentence for sexual assault rather than show remorse for a prime the comedian says he didn't commit Cosby is serving a three to ten year sentence a state prison near Philadelphia after a jury last you're convicted him of sexually assaulting at Temple University employee in two thousand for the two year old says the Pennsylvania parole board is quote not going to hear me say that I have remorse it's the one of the sports sponsored by September up all night well with twenty plus routes that run twenty four hours so we stepped up learn more I stepped to Philly dot com from sports radio W. I. T. with your sports update the fire stick double victory at the center on Monday night as they defeated the Canucks we get more from K. whatever use John Johnson fires got back on track even the connects to the one here in south Philly after a forgettable opening it aren't you like absolutely dominated the second shock it's very long goal score so we had to the third and final locked at one with the eight thirty three remaining in regulation Justin Braun let's get around the back of the neck feeding Jake board check who was said in a circle like the lan fires hang on for the W. RG blackouts on Vancouver thirty four to seventeen reporting from the center John Johnson DOW news radio next up of wires will be game against the blue jackets in Columbus Wednesday night the seventy Sixers took on the raptors in Toronto for the first time since their game seven loss last spring this one also did not go as planned as the Sixers though one a one ninety six they have the lead in the fourth quarter the raptors closed up the game with ten straight points as the Sixers missed on eight straight possessions it was a dreadful live the big man Joel Embiid was held scoreless for the first time in his career and went over eleven from the field Josh Richardson did have twenty five for the Sixers into feed with the loss the Sixers are now eleven and six next up a game against Sacramento at the center on Wednesday night and one big five team in action on Monday night at the Gulf coast showcase the Selby.

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