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And she was really excited about the idea so we called it a tender party and we paid for the bus but then we put a bouncer at the door and told every student that the couldn't walk in unless they downloaded tender so you'd literally have to show tendered on your phone it's about four hundred people download a tender at usc and i'm sure no one really knew what they downloaded when they hawked in but then they went home and open the app and started matching with each other answered seeing each other i think it really created phenomenon within you esi amelie after that i remember like every afternoon we would leave the office the whole team get in a car and like we were driving by every fraternities sorority in los angeles and like than san diego then orange county and like basically every school we could cover in the beginning of january we had about twenty thousand users and at the end of january had five hundred thousand users all organic so i mean you will lose it i mean the growth curve was just unimaginable so it was it was pretty amazing just like tinder needed users the scheme needed readers it's the daily newsletter that summarises the news with south and personality and its targeted at smart busy people cofounders danielle weisberg and carly's they can quit their jobs at nbc and went into credit card debt to launch the site and like tinder did they started by sending in the email to everyone in their address books then weisberg says they got bowled laid also emailed every news anchor out there truly and weird like we didn't know most and and we were like we're former and be sears like that you would love us iud appreciate you know the neither were solving and most of them didn't respond on hoda copiers spotted and she sad now i'll check it out like sounds great we did not know her we followed up to more times nor response dave four of athens business she said we were one of her favor things on air and it totally changed your life on my gosh so he went friend.

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