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Oh you like Cowboys. The cowboy boots whether or not boots. I would say absolutely no interest in Cowboys ever. I didn't choose the song. In fact, I can't stand. Bon Jovi offense. Navy? Really, I do not like him. I know he's a jersey guy. And I know that I got screened out when I said, I couldn't stand Neil diamond almost I felt like I was getting firemen shots back back in the day because Neil diamond sings the theme to the Boston Red Sox who I hate sweet. I'm in solidarity with you on that. Although he did have a great song called brother. Love my mom used to sing not in her show because she was a singer. I liked that song. Sorry once she crossed that line. And can listen to anything you do. Yeah. But this is a line that many men have caused and we're handling it differently in different parts of the country. For instance, we see the headlines today. The embattled Lieutenant governor African American in Virginia. To accusations by two women separate occasions separate location said he forcibly raped them. And we did talk about this last week. And you said, you know, there's this issue. I mean, how do we know that we can believe her? And I said, look, we have usually these people they've done it before issue did and just in. Fairfax. The Democrats said to him. Hey will impeach you. He says I want the FBI to investigate this show. His fellow Democrats have backed off that's the high profile case. And then I look south of the Hudson river engineer jersey, and I say to myself. Wow. This just in. Fairfax case is getting the needed attention. It should get. Why is it the case involving an aide to camp right to cover? Murphy is not getting any national attention whatsoever. It's almost like boxed up, and in fact has to do with many of the issues you brought to our attention because. If you own circumstance, Juliet, Huddy and other women who have said, you know, when all of a sudden you have chosen to work for somebody. Or even volunteer for somebody is this woman. Katie Brennan did in the campaign to elect Murphy is governor they ask you to sign a confidentially a confidentiality agreement which says, basically, whatever you see whatever goes on here in the campaign in this particular issue shut your mouth, you got window shades on your is cotton balls in your ears zipper on. Well, let me just say initially when a lot of a sign contracts with our business. We we oftentimes we signed contracts for work, and you you know, that there are certain little things in there. And hopefully, you have a lawyer or an agent help you out help you sift through, but it was standard procedure to have nondisclosure agreement clauses in contracts when I was working in the media in the television portion of the media at Fox News. You have that's included in the contract. But when you're getting this amazing offer for this great job, and you've been working your entire life for this. And you you just don't think. Wow. In eighteen years. I'm gonna have to deal with this signing of a nondisclosure clause in there, which says that if there's any sort of issues there has to be some sort of quiet little dealings on the side. You don't bring out the issues, it's a gag order. Essentially, that's what it is you protecting the company from the worker being whistleblower, the worker going out and saying something negative about somebody that works for the company something that happened to them at the company or the company itself, and this woman, Katie Brennan, a true believer. In fact, this is the testimony she gave in Trenton recently, I feared running.

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