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Field ABC news Washington WGN sports here's Jordan burn field well looks like it came Hicks will be back for the bears this weekend when they visit the Packers Green Bay coach Matt Loeffler said yesterday he's operating under the assumption that he is going to be on the field after coming off the I. R. and here's what bears coach Matt Nagy said when asked about it today most of it is just communication with him saying Hey this is what this is how I feel doctor said trainer saying this is where he's at and then create a plan if it's something that he's able to where were the somewhere gonna do it which is what we're hoping then let's create a plan for the role so we'll see Heckscher has been missed he's been out since week five with a dislocated elbow tonight NFL week begins the ravens host the jets Lamar Jackson right now the front runner to win the league's MVP hockey tonight on WGN Blackhawks visit Arizona pregame on WGN at seven thirty face off at eight o'clock with John Wiedeman and Troy Murray also play a while without Calvin de Haan the defenseman sidelined on the I. R. with a dislocated shoulder college basketball I'll ahead stains for an interstate class with Iowa state the bulls have the night off they will welcome Charlotte to town tomorrow on the home of the white Sox black onyx in northwestern Wildcats I'm Jordan burn feel WGN sports your money on WGN sponsored by T. mobile for business and keeps business moving twenty four seven the Dow closed up two hundred twenty points today nasdaq up sixty three the S. and P. five hundred up twenty six I'm Kim Gordon on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN if you own your car for a while or maybe you've got.

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