Congressman Schiff, Rick Dearborn, White House discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Congressman schiff might have said this publicly that rick dearborn who is currently the white house deputy chief of staff answered questions from members that he didn't say that there was any sort of executive privilege or any areas that he wasn't allowed to talk about that he was care it in a way that many members actually found to be sort of heartening but also extremely out of step with the message the white house has been sending so it seems like and this will probably not shock folks to hear that the white house is planning for these house intelligence committee hearings is not as organized and not as put together as folks in the white house may have hoped it would be and the result is we're seeing the president's legal team and the white house legal team because flatfooted again and again and what that means for bannon talking to moeller is that it's very tough to game out how readied they'll be from a defence perspective for any information that banning gives a special council let's old hugely gordon that there there's someone who does conceivably have grounds for claiming executive privilege who doesn't at all and then to other people who have seemingly no grounds forward are claiming some kind of mysterious privilege that's the order of thank you very much for your valuable input tonight really appreciate chef coming up donald trump has the republicans headed for eight possible shutdown this week i shut down the gut that the republicans are in complete control of one way or another they control house representatives they control the senate they control the white house the shutdown is there's if it happens and that is why paul ryan is running scared he's running so scared that he has told people he will not run for reelection in wisconsin and the news for republicans in wisconsin got a lot worse last night.

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