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Be to the left side. They are on the right hash. They're moving right to left on the field Here in 80 anti stadium 56 seconds remain. It has been quick strike offense throughout the night. For Alabama. It all started with the Vontae Smith 26 yarder. He had another one to make it 21 to 7. And now Nagy Harris flanking Mack Jones to the right as forest all the tight end shifts to give it three receivers to the left. Third down and 12. He goes to the right side, throwing it back shoulder but too far to the outside for the intended target, John Michi, so it's incomplete and meaty. Would they try to basically Can't the forest all the tight end. They started him before the time out to the left, decided, sir Keys and decided to take him and put him in motion to take the eyes away from the side. That meat he was on and knowing all along that Mack Jones was going there excellent coverage. Notre Dame to force upon here with 51 seconds, maybe enough time to put a drive together. And now the seldom used Alabama puncher Charlie Scott comes on for his first punch off this Rose Bowl game. Matt Salerno's The Return man, and it's a wonderful pin punt by Charlie Scott. Salerno had a drift off to the left and fair. Catch the ball 45 yard punt to the Notre Dame 11 yard line. 44 seconds remain before halftime as Notre Dame will have the ball one time out, trailing 21 to 7 Senior quarterback and you trust in book. To protect the football. It's enough time to go down and put a drive together here. And maybe try to squeak out of field goal to get yourself in a position to put some more points on the board, so I would not kneel down and go in the half time. I'm trying to press the gas if I'm no today with Handbook and Let Me try to march this baby down the field first, down from their own 11 yard line. 44 seconds remain both drops back has plenty of time now extends the play tux runs and glides out near the 20 yard line. That'll stop the clock with 37 yards, a nine yard run. From Ian Book. Remember one time out remains for the Irish trailing by 14 in this Rose Bowl. Excellent decision to pull it down. Now stop the clock by getting out of bounds and not throwing in. Trouble second and one out of the shotgun. Williams in the backfield, both drops straight back to sites. The run the ball will have the first down and more in book dive straight ahead out towards the 40 yard line. Aggressive approach off course, the clock stops with the first down. They make clock the ball here when it re engages,.

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