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You have shot him in the leg? And we were probably 200 ft Away, which, by the way, I thought it was a darn good shot that I got him in the back that many times it was on the ground wrestling with this guy. But there was no way that you were going to go for an arm or a leg. You're going for body Mass. You have to stop that threat, and the guy says you're not going for the leg for the guys that go with the legs. Those are the ones that the kids have to sit through the funerals. And yeah, or you say, grab the Taser and you know, and it doesn't work or the prongs don't go in. And then the threat is still there. And then you got a problem? Yeah, that's horrible, man. I'm glad you went through that I can hear in your voice. How it just sort of, you know you're already enlightened. But how would they even further demonstrates? How eat how tough it is to be out there every night? They got a tough job. Thanks, Alex. Appreciate man. You got it. Next empire. There goes Alex Stone. That was great. That was unbelievable that I didn't know that there was doing live training like that was sheriffs part. That's pretty cool. When you said everyone should be required to do that, I feel like just that snippet. I I was there, and I wouldn't have been able to keep it together. Yeah, I'm the same. Unbelievable. It's incredible, you know, And and that's again. That's 43 seconds. Of a 12 hour shift right that they're making decisions. Ah, tough businessman over live on Kay. If I am 40 more now, Ah US military jet has crashed near the Naval Air Weapons station and China Lake. The pilot ejected and was taken for a medical exam. Laguna Beach is testing it's citywide loudspeaker system. Important information will be broadcast over the speakers in an emergency and more than 1000. People have been arrested across the U. S. In the past three months in an operation focusing on violent crime,.

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