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Nineteen eighty. So he voted for a communist, and he became head of the CIA director. And we're worried about Russia. John Brennan, if you're if you're using the same standards to start a counterintelligence investigation. At least you have some behavior. He admitted he voted for Gus hall. He's a communist nobody had to sit there and figure out whether Obama traded an American deserter. For five Al Qaeda leaders. You can make a great point that letting those al-qaeda leaders go back and become part of the power base again against the United States is against US national security and should start a counterintelligence investigation. Right. You can make the case in line to the American public about the Iran deal and then put those two together. And then put those two together what nation is a bigger sponsor of international terrorism than Iran, and the reason that you don't and the reason the FBI doesn't do that as we explained earlier, and the reason there wasn't a call for it for the president for Obama was because the president himself gets to decide what is national security, and what is best for the United States. And what is not best that is the sole area where the president. Gets that exclusive of thority from the constitution of the United States. That's why they didn't go after Obama. Trump was different. Right. Bob has been different on.

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