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Twenty eight degrees and sunny, I'm rob Dawson with the stories you'll be talking about on Seventy-seven WABC Bronx and Westchester people. Can now get a one seat ride to Penn station and the west side of Manhattan. Governor Cuomo says the MTA Amtrak have agreed to allow plans for the Penn station access project to move forward that project calls for four new metro north stations to be built in the east Bronx and the eventual project will lead to shorter communitize for people in communities in Westchester county. Opening statements begin today on Long Island in the corruption. Retrial former Nassau County executive Edman Gano former GOP honcho Edmund Gannett is accused of taking bribes, including a six-figure no show job for his wife, Linda in exchange for helping a restaurant mogul, get lucrative county contracts. Both men Gannett pleaded not guilty with their first trial ending last may in a hung jury. The retrial is expected to. Last five to seven weeks. I'm Sara Lee Kessler for seventy seven WABC news county police along with local first responders and residents are protesting the removal of ice agents at local jails the group is concerned about the loss of ages to help in its fight against the MS thirteen gang on Long Island, Nassau County officials maintain having ice agents at local jails, violates the state supreme court ruling concerning sanctuary status. In addition court officials have issued an addiction to federal immigration enforcement agents to leave by January, thirty first stock losses, are deepening. The Dow down three hundred ninety two points, NASDAQ down one hundred forty five the s&p down forty five. Marianna Rivera is expected to be elected to the baseball hall of fame today. Islanders have Blackhawks at.

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