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He was sentenced to seven years in prison with five years of probation. Following his release. George Ryan, a Republican governor from 1999 to 2003, was convicted of corruption in 2006 related to his time in Illinois secretary of State when commercial driver's licenses were issued unqualified truckers in exchange for bribes And one of the truckers was involved in a crash that killed six Children. In this case the same in this case, the same governor who prosecuted the first guy I talked about was the same guy who defended this particular governor and then Rod Blood Goya vich, which some may remember his name. He's the most recent one. Who's gone to prison. He was governor from 2003 to 2009. He was impeached and removed from office by the Illinois General Assembly in a unanimous vote in in January of 2009 after being tied to multiple pay to play schemes, including attempting to sell the former Senate seat of then President elect Barack Obama. In August of 2010. He was convicted of lying to the FBI in connection with the investigation. But the jury deadlocked on 23 other charges. He was retired on 20 counts from his 2010 trial and On June 27th of 2011 local blood Goya. Vich was convicted of 17 counts of fraud, acquitted on one count and the jury was hung on to in December of that year. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison in February of 2020 Blagojevich sentence was commuted to time served by Donald Trump. So corruption is rampant in Illinois is sound like or at least they're good at catching corruption because I imagine the corruptions pretty rampant everywhere. God, yes, Illinois at least, seems tohave a better. Better chess. At least they want you to think they're doing something about it. Governors in prison That's a step in the right direction. At the very least, it could be that you know, it's because they you know what it's like. They flew too close to the science to via son. Three of those governors were Democrats won was a Republican, so that their corruption was just so egregious and outrageous for that time right today, all that stuff that they do. I'm sure you even mayor, local mayors and stuff do that They just had to be arrested. Well, let's go to the phones. We got Ingrid calling from Maryland. Ingrid, you're on free talk live. Hey, Hey, what's on your mind? Yeah, Yeah, one tart with a crisp camel case like I want to call in a howling balls. Does it at the time, Okay. Chris Cantwell, the former host here on free talk live. We had to fire him because he became a racist. Sadly, then he ultimately went down kind of a dark path because of that, now ended up I'm just kind of giving. I know. You know, I'm just giving our listeners a brief as brief of a recap as he can having been a friend of his for the last Decade. Basically, hey, he went down a dark path towards racism, which led him to the Charlottesville protests in 2017, where he was arrested for what he says was self defense. In that particular case, he ended up taking a guilty plea was sentenced to believe time served, but what banished from the state of Virginia for at least five years. Then returned to New Hampshire, where a couple years after that he kind of laid low for a couple of years. And then the FBI raided his home in January of this year at about three in the morning where they tossed his entire apartment looking for. Well, whatever it was that they were they were looking for. Ah Ah, and they charged him with the so called crimes. Of, you know, not actually, like doing anything violent, or, you know, hurting anybody but saying something mean to another racist on the telegram chat application that by the way, the other racist apparently didn't actually report to the police. It was the police the FBI who had infiltrated A racist chat room or check group for the so called Bull Patrol, which is like an extreme racist, sick sicko group that named themselves after a shooter. Lincoln asked Murder. Yeah. Ah, Dylann roof, And so he was. He was having an argument with one of these scumbags, and so basically you have two a holes. Arguing with one another on the Internet. The federal government decided that they were going to charge Chris with interstate threatening and interstate extortion for which he now faces something like 25 years in prison after being convicted. I think last month or September of thieves so called crime, So basically he is a political prisoner. Go ahead with what you wanted to say. Yeah. So just you think that I'm the one that people might not really know about is those people not done with the photo. We'll start the ball patrol, as does this group that worships still roof and at the time, you know, because, you know, you know, you know you got in trouble trying to roll and he's all like you every trendy You know? Yeah, And it's not the stuff that he became involved the ball patrol, But the thing is That really caused mostly by that, like in October of that map, right? I think was in those 19. I really sure Like when they have the Sea of life Synagogue shoot on crust on his show announced Dead, which was with 11 Jews had died. And Chris was like telling fans. You don't don't do this. Don't kill Jews. Don't do those. And that was that the boat patrol off and that's why they started harassing him. So they turned against him at that at that point, Yeah. Okay. Like, yeah, You know, like, you know, crushed like this. Like he just says whatever you want to know, like Chris, you can't. He couldn't let it go if you want. Hang on. I know you had a problem. 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