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Up this morning because to me, it's always a funny story to tell. Some people don't like Hearing it, but We've actually been there to see the deal about turning on the lights off area on the big buildings in Dallas to keep the migrating birds from crashing into him. Now, I did not think this morning. It's a new deal for billing. Birds lives matter. But let me light it up with the second story from that trip of our sailing. Oh, no. Okay, Here's the next disclaimer right now what he's going to say, but it always makes non look like some hick from Gary Brown. Okay, you played buzz on Mama's family. It was a friend of ours. Now, even though it's an NBC show, it was produced by Joe Hamilton, then Carol Burnett's husband, So it was filmed at CBS Studio City. So we went over to watch. Everybody were hers. Vicky and Ken Berry and Harvey Korman was directing that would think they would want to meet us once they knew who knew who knew that route. McClanahan Look at us and said, You guys going to be working here in a week and done says, You know, there's an opening of McDonald's right. Well, I had a lot of faith before George Michael so it comes to taping day and were given entrance. The through the artist entrance had CBS Studio City. How impressive is that? I get chill bumps still today, Okay, so we're walking because we're not gonna go in with the audience and sit out with the audience. We couldn't watch the whole show fight with a backstage pass. We're big time. That is correct. And there was this African American Security guard. Nice guy, and when you walk in the artist's entrance, it's an impressive hallway like Get smart, Kind of like it is beautiful or Miles Laurence Granite and on either side of the hall. No way are these drop dead? Beautifully done. I want to say 3 ft. High by 2.5 ft across or bigger, like big movie posters of their most famous stars on either side of this artist's entrance. There's Lucille Ball there shames our nest with Ian. There's people listening who have no idea who he is. I'm well aware that I explained Chuck Connors to Gina, Gina Collins over two words considered stuck on Earth. But that means it's a walking down the hallway. And there's all these Gilligan's Island on one side, just all these incredible shows and photos and we come upon a photo that looks completely and totally out unbalanced. Not that we're photographers, but it just doesn't look right. It doesn't right. It's it's a pitcher for one day at a time. Bonnie Franklin. There's Valerie Burton Alley. There's this huge empty space and patch Snyder on the far right of the photo, and it's so out of balance with every other photo. In the artist's entrance. We really stopped and looked at that We were just staring at it, and the security guard looked at it, she said. Yeah, that empty space. That's where Mackenzie Philip used to be easy, But that's how Hollywood works when they get mad at you. They just airbrush out of the picture, and you're gone. Verena dried. How did we screw that deal ups? We should have. We should still be there. One of us should only be alive, but probably in any case. I just want to bring that up that in fact, we were in a similar situation where we're traveling in a car and I'm not making this up one or two miles an hour. And with your foot on the brakes, right how fast that goes ever. That's what wass the whole distance and Wilshire Boulevard until you got to Beverly Hills. But It was our mistake. I was. So how was it? Our mistake of you? We shouldn't. We shouldn't ever driving. How was it out? There was a parade that we should, but I've thought about it all week. Because that was exception. You couldn't take a side street could make a U turn. They waved you into it. And there was a police officer at every intersection controlling the traffic. Always a different didn't feel threatened. Well, you didn't know I was afraid of getting outed. Oh, first thing. You couldn't be outed because we're there by mistake. Don, it wasn't look doesn't heading under the picture would not say to guys by mistake on whatever street it was in the largest gay parade in California history wouldn't have said that under the picture. It was said, and today in California, and then they would zoom in on the passenger side window. And my dad Joseph Knight told you, Pat, I told you For those of you who don't know don very well. It never would have happened because he had his head down with his hand over his face. I wouldn't have zoom lenses. I was the one waving at the crowd. Don banks. Thanks for helping us out with that and next, But the point is the one thing we didn't do. Was. We're in it Fine were there we were in that pretty also didn't get the contract right on that show is you'd ask about Eskimo. Dr. Robert is tell that story And actually, I don't know. Because has nothing do with the auto industry. I'm just saying, Throw the car. We just didn't write in. What kind it wass. I'm just saying. We have been in L. A In a similar circumstance. And you just go with it and get out of it. That's what we did. And then normally old Addis for about 30 minutes, But we still got breakfast. Yeah, but he still yelled at us for 30 minutes and we didn't listen to him. Thanks, Doc. Is that it? Am I dismissed? Yeah, I think you convert anybody listen to you Do the opening of the show now knows a story about you. Don't got no. Who I told you to hit the button. Why is he still talking? What's wrong with you? Coming up? Next?.

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