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Keep me company right here on the phone eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six and to honor the passing of the legendary don sure who to me is the easy no boring or name to throw out when it comes to coaches that you identify with the Miami Dolphins I think bill Belichick takes the cake with the knowing the patriots but there are some franchises that are far more complicated to figure out I mean we have all with the giants Parcells in conflict they both of the similar to Super Bowl titles with the giants they got to each when you think that a coach I want everything first I'll be curious to figure out I might actually take a running Paul from the giants fan Ellison there's no wrong answer I mean both coaches in my opinion hall of fame coaches and analyzing they're on sale what is interesting different personas different way about going about their business maybe one day I'll be at the bay for the dolphins one can only help it's a queens will lead off Tony going to get us going he's on a fat what's up hello how are you doing good honored to be the first caller hi it's gonna privilege that beyond I mean he got a leadoff like Ricky Henderson is primed out no pressure I right thank you man so before I get the right coaches I also want to add last night what we thought I thought it was kind of bizarre what market they want to adopt them I thought that was weird and funny but I yeah we're not talking about that so but if you prefer coaches are going to be Dan Reeves of court in the land of thousands and my second one is going to be he's got the fourth most wins for a head coach an NBA franchise history his name is Mike pulled over when he was on the line approx interesting that you would go with Pune hold Sir for a Lana it was the at some really good years they don't get me wrong it's weird maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm off on this Tony and I have to go back in you know profile how many wins and how many years Lenny Wilkens was with the Atlanta Hawks but for me and again I don't have statistical data back this up I haven't gone through their resumes his coaches in that particular town but like if somebody has to be a white hawks coach first thing that comes to mind I probably wouldn't sell any Wilkins I got you I didn't grow up watching Wilkins and though he was great but the thing is building fifteen Eastern Conference final thing you know the cavs lebron beat my all that trip down memory lane you know I'm only thirty three but yeah money welcome good I just love going all that that stuff understandably cell I listen both guys and a ton of success Tony I mean you'll get money Wilkins tenure in Atlanta he did a very good job you look at his tenure in Atlanta did a very good job now I'm pulling up right now the Lenny Wilkins win loss record and you know what I was right about this quite good fifty seven games ninety three ninety four one forty two the next year one forty sixty one fifty sixty one fifty thirty one of nineteen in a lockout year and they bottomed out ninety nine two thousand so Wilkins was there let's see one two three four five six seven years now Mike Boone Holzer let's see how long he was in Atlanta I had a couple big years with the hawks we know that including that big season one two three four five six six years as an NBA coach five what it went up yeah you know what my gut feel I said to somebody other day more often not you got feels or I feel a lot about this because aside from the fifty or the sixty win season in fourteen fifteen I think the record is going to be better for Lenny Wilkens mall Ingevity cell my first thought all of Watkins being the guy you think of what Lana hawks in coaches was good gut feel said to stand out in the arca good buddy Frank is up next these on a fan Frankie boy John J. Frank baby how you doing Wycheck brother all right what I try to question what's your opinion would be if the jets go after how Flacco for backup quarterback I don't have a problem with it now I think you have to understand if Joe Flacco comes in and has to play you're not getting the Superbowl MVP version he was in twenty twelve twenty thirteen I'm all for the jets having a backup quarterback with some sense of experience but my gut feel is Frank we've been missing out on Andy Dalton who's now a Dallas cowboy and with the jets taking you know what a premium pick to some degree using it on a backup quarterback I would get the sense that mobs or Adam gave the company going to be content in the quarterback room that they have right right right I thank you judge you got appreciate call listen I did not expect to get a deal Flacco call star of the show but I it's totally fair game not gonna die that all my I like the idea of any adult may become the New York Jets I don't care if they bring in somebody like Flacco but when you think James Morgan in the fourth round odds are you taken to be the backup quarterback I mean you're gonna take a fourth round pick pass up on somebody like Tyler Johnson for somebody's gonna be on the practice squad all year I think that B. rather puzzle said to Mandeville cabin up next these on a family that again I don't I would tell them Kevin was saying about K. R. so I just want to get your opinion on this I have two questions what's your at night hockey questions so how do you feel about our brother being on the top fifteen list all times coaches I have no problem with it and it's an easy one for the islanders Kevin allowable I'll over excuse me would be the first guy you would think of when when you're an island a coaching you going through that run the late seventies early eighties no brainer absolute no brainer yeah I heard that because I was like I was going through every coach Jones by he asked in the top fifteen I just don't I don't don't say it but yeah we are thank you I don't know what's so funny about that but nonetheless I guess somebody's looking for something to do more power to him not a phony have a good sense of humor and fun appoints a phony maybe I missed something I don't know not that funny said Jackson New Jersey this guy knows they get there the great Jordan is out next these on a phallus up Jordan how you doing it's going on Jones I'm a friend how are you yes so quickly with the local team to have a seat on the bed before me but I think it's gonna be Tory you know for the Yankees and Riley for the next now with the giants Riley I disagree with you on Riley because not only his bitter exit when I think Nick coaches in my lifetime the first guy I think of is Jeff van Gundy now I understand Riley came in and had unbelievable success but I look at the way he flamed out leaving the fax and all the bad blood that came because of it the first guy I identify with and I could be you know Jordan on a totally different way of finding you but the first guy I give these Jeff van Gundy okay I hear that now with the giants obviously you know Copeland with the two super bowls recently but I just think of the you know even though he came before me and how much you hear about Parcells and imprint you've left on that organization and I don't think we're gonna be talking about Coughlin you know in twenty years the way we still talk about Parcells now you know being even Coughlin is even known coming from put the Parcells tree and I really think Parcells is the guy with the giants I think it's a very very tough call Jordan but I think you hit on the most important thing in Y. acting most giants fans will forever say first giant coach that comes to mind first giant coach that they identify with the franchise's bill Parcells is because in a way he built the program you know Tom Coughlin came to the giants and they will fall more stab wish they will fall more of a household name at this point you know not only would bill and what he was able to do but even you know you look at the Jim fossel teams during the playoffs a couple years you know it's not like they would take a bottom of the barrel type team and building a from the ground up Parcells on the other hand was taken operation that was an embarrassment in the late seventies in going into the early eighties and he had to be the guy to change the culture and he had to be the guy to kind of do it his own way so I'm in agreement with you for me the first guy I think of when I think a giant head coaches is the tune up and then it's a very very close one day when it comes to Tom Coughlin okay now I want to give you a couple more and then ask you about another one dont you obviously had you know toward organizations which he was a big part of an outing of coaches not just to head to acts but really are the you know the big guys for those organizations you know they would have two franchises you know Riley maybe I mean if you're gonna stay the next in the heat and then you have Francona with the Indians and the red Sox and then even Andy Reid you know with the eagles and the chief I would definitely agree on any rate now Doug Pederson may have something to say about that by the time he's old you know sitting down Doug Pederson might be coaching that team for over a decade and listen he was able to do something and we could not which is when the Superbowl Riley debatable because of what we were talking about with the Knicks clearly has it with the Miami Heat and Francona hands down has in Boston I mean he has it for the two championships in two thousand four in two thousand and seven now in all life time Jordan he's going to have it with the Cleveland Indians you know I can't go back to nineteen forty eight I can't go back to nineteen you know fifty four when they were playing in the World Series and what not the only other manager who could rival Tito Francona in Cleveland would be my core growth Michael a Grove had great success with the Indians he took two teams to the World Series he was there for a long period of time I think mark my corner of was there I want to say from like nineteen ninety three until about two thousand to two thousand and three cell in fact right now I would say Hargrove would be the identifiable face I look at with the Indians but I think we may be reaching a point with Tito Francona takes the cake because I got news for you join he's going to manage a team for a long long period of time yeah definitely now I have a really tough one and I really can't decide between these two the Steelers you got Tomlin and you got power and I think it's really close I think you can make the case for both of them well is in its struggle before the other two hands that listen from an all time standpoint Chuck Noll would be the guy however and Tomlin wow if I'm just going to do this your coach I identify with you know all from my years of being here on this earth I'd probably tell you its bell tower but it's very very close I mean it's very very close Jordan I mean they both have one championship they both have plenty of years in which they did not get the most out of their team stout top notch regular season coach is all I think our a little better in game the.

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