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People everybody from real estate construction lawyers bankers. We have a ton of different. New members is not kind of what it used to be. I think that's An age old idea. That only petroleum-based people. I wish there were more oil and gas people like yourself there. You should be there. That's what i was gonna say. I mean i. I've been there a few times in a feels like a lot of them are lawyers of bankers people that i'm just like you know people i've dealt with like every time we go in the petroleum club you got us a highlight twenty people you to your table but it's It's i've never seen enough oil and gas guys there which it sounds like you james. Try it that's awesome man. Yeah and so. That's what i saw that as a problem but something that i wanted to change i think being a part of a member or member of a club just like you are that he's houston Puts you around different types of people and the club itself is downtown. Which can be a problem for some downtown houston like island or people downtown. People that live near downtown. I mean it's a steel when it comes to price and once you get the bar is what most people like seeing smoke. Cigars in their Not only that. The reciprocal memberships so the memberships. You have with other clubs especially when you travel. It's probably my favorite as well as just my favorite place to work your set up at the bar. You can work all day. Most of my meetings. I host the petroleum club. So it's easier for me. As entrepreneurial gas to sit there have coffee. Have some cocktails have lunged at bar do my emails phone calls and then i can how. That's how office how much it costs which we used to have my partner used have Office downtown and it's expensive. If you don't know it is so just working out. Trillion club just makes perfect sense. So i guess how does how has the petroleum club been affected by. Cova did in the past. Let's say you know year and a half now and you know i. I assume you know the oil and gas industry in general were kind of the. I don't wanna call us for a little bit calls. Ignorant to the fact that kids around because But in general how is it affected business. How are people still coming in or is it kind of back to normal now or is it. You know. I'll say this everything's an opportunity. That's how i see everything i think. Leadership trump club sees that as well. And that's all we've been able to capitalize on covenant Turn into a good thing Of course you know membership people drop a lot. Would we have one hundred and sixty thousand house in the greater houston area for oil and gas..

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