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You're coming in from the south shore on route three and the expressway still a clear shot all the way into town Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the threes thank you let's take a look at the four day WBZ accu weather forecast here's meteorologist dean devore and let's send not complain about solar glare you're gonna deal with it here this morning but a day after day like yesterday which was so cloudy and chilly will enjoy the sunshine temperatures will get up today in the upper forties near the water's edge because importantly the wind comes off the water we're looking at low to mid fifties a little farther inland well it looks like there will be some showers around tomorrow especially south of the city up in the low to mid fifties then Friday's not bad temperatures up in the low to mid fifties looks dry all day or of Saturday's not that low to mid fifties dry all day then Sunday back to some chilly rainy periods with temperatures in the forties to near fifty so get a good day today temperatures upper forties right near the water's edge low to mid fifties inland once the sunshine will enjoy it on WBZ Boston news radio R. thirty four just ahead of sunrise here in Boston leaders environmental takes the green approach to log in here by using organic and environmentally friendly treatments leaders makes you guard the envy of the neighborhood while using a more thoughtful approach to the environment visit leaders C. O. dot com or call eight six six nine nine line if you get some yard work done this weekend it is six twenty six a look at New England business this morning layoffs have already arrived in the hard hit newspaper industry and this is a devastating blow in the western part of the state especially not only that pay cuts are also.

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