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Let me look back one time we still got a bunch of bands out there People are screaming at us right now because we have input yes in they are the godfathers of prog rock. So i say go ahead and put them in. What do you think a lot of big fan myself but yeah they deserve our right so little late better little late than a little never so we got yes in there now. What do you think we got two more spots for. Two thousand seven woodford saint homes really. Oh yeah okay. Why not that means. Those guys are in there twice because of aerosmith and ted nugent and now whitford saint homes. Let's see for that last spot. I'm going to go with. I'm gonna go with kool and the gang okay. I mean their funk rock Yeah they opened for van halen. I knew you were going to bring matt i as good enough for rock and roll hall all right. I'm cool with that. So that's finalized two thousand seven. This is a pretty interesting year for us. A an eclectic group for got twisted sister. Billy idol yes whitfield. Saint homes and cool and the gang not whitfield saying homes whitford. All whitford whitford saint homes and cool and the gang ugly kid. Joe i can coming up. I know all right. Let's look at two thousand eight in two thousand eight year. Debut album had to come out either in eighteen. Ninety nine hundred eighty three or earlier and the hall of fame. -ducted the dave clark. Five who still eligible for us as well. Leonard cohen. Who is kind of. Like the canadian bob dylan. This is the year famously. Madonna gets in along with john cougar mellencamp and the ventures we talked about them. They've been eligible for years and years. We pass them up to. We don't have any surf rockers. In here yeah but i think if i was gonna put in one i'd go way back and i put in dick. Dale guess he's i mean the ventures had some cool stuff pick dick. Dale had a lot of longevity. Yeah let's go ahead and finally put in dick dale so that we've got our surf rock representative in there. Oh my god. The eligible list the eligible list. Yeah holy shit. And it's a big one metallica pan. Tara suicidal tendencies. Merciful fate slayer ministry in fast way. Lita ford queen's reich. The killer dwarfs roger waters is a solo artist. Stevie ray vaughan and the violent femmes and metallica of course right first year of eligibility you. Gotta put metallica. Pantelleria you'd tactically. Their debut album did come out way back in nineteen eighty three. They wasn't pan that we not come to know and love. But i mean that's still makes them eligible. What do you think yeah sure..

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