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And only and I mean one only there's nobody like him in this this field of comedy and show business Mr Scheck agree it's a thrill letters and I don't know I just I'm just going to say that you say that again we're gonna sit at this table forever good company to build a wall I can close this is going to try to save other wall and then it from gluten we want to get the wall that was in Berlin he's he's going along quite no no definitely like the Jews in Israel because I got along they got a wall regular I went to Israel and the people that right and I saw it on the wall yeah and I said I see what they do with the paper because I wouldn't tell you missed a good to come around five o'clock and the man thinks about it thanks to papers and we'll go to gun licensing the paper but since the prayer by says yeah we don't have a he gets mad he gets read all right so we left off that now you're gonna get letters from that listen we only killed by four seven we left off with now all of a sudden your taking this town by storm you've turned the lounges into something that I mean we don't we all wish they were still here yeah you know because this was this was everybody gravitated towards let's where the party list and you certainly created the party and the things you did on stage so many improvisational bits I had the privilege of opening one time for you in palm springs many years ago but I watched you do the offers if you want me to Madame butterfly it's it's you've never seen anything or heard anything is funny and just became a classic it.

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