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It and we you know we don't even know if it's true just right yeah okay speculation yeah yeah hi thank you very much appreciate the call Donna thanks for listening let's go to song from Chicago song personnel salvo hello hello hello all I thank you very much what we're talking about trump I think we've seen more in depth and talking about how speech he is in his way of thinking not pointing out its most immediately environment with what's his household his father was a devout Klansman got arrested in Jamaica queens nineteen twenty seven marching with the client nineteen years later what was born he was born into are also from day one he was tall one and he was superior to black folk and superior to all lot of white people his first wife Ivana within a deal by Vanity Fair she said that probably go to bed every night studying Hitler's speeches I just finished reading trump right trumpet knowledge that he had that but he said it was a gift okay well and and and we always believe trump bringing the Latin fall of the third Reich yeah yeah yeah the main points about got out of there that was was that it doesn't matter if you tell the truth just so long as you win right problem is well grounded in his action his fault based on what those **** were doing well I mean I mean to be more because there's clear evidence of his biases because his father was sued for trying to a victim of African American losing his father as in the trying to a victim from the public housing for which he got funding right when we sing the the documentary that the coca Cola and marching in Washington DC that was nineteen twenty five the Donald trump's father got arrested in Jamaica queens in nineteen twenty seven from marching with the cook a client I know damn well with the full course Korean all Transylvania in nineteen twenty five somewhere in one of Donald trump's Clive father's role they were very low we have a we'll have a big drive clean dry cleaned or laundered with you regarding the door Miller effort here in Chicago in our pursuit of getting the medal of honor awarded by Congress for him our vision is someone that I could reach you out I would I would love to talk to you I know you grew up in Gary yeah in fact I live that I I grew up one block away from the door you Miller public housing project exactly yeah and I would like to talk to you and in Chicago one guy at the city county and the state recognize him October twelfth which would have been his one hundredth birthday explore military never before anything like that and god answered round hospital recognize him June twelfth nothing like that has ever been done we would appreciate your skill and being able to help us I don't know if I can help but I can be reached at my cell you may answer my email is Monroe Anderson at G. email dot com one word all lower case did you hear that sale yes Sir one word all lower case all lowercase thank you all right you today now all right you to go home whose Dorie Miller is a World War two hero I think he was in the in the navy and he was from one of the first to die really yeah yeah so you know he's he he was he was he was a hero for sure maybe we should get more information on it yeah yeah okay all right Google if if if if I had my laptop here I think I can grow and I wanted and I don't want to get into that yeah right most of us we got a lot of calls and we want to take your calls this this Textor says I constantly hear the trump is a counter puncher that he punches back when someone calls you out there is lies the textures as two weeks ago trump said that he warned the Russian ambassador not to interfere in our upcoming election that ambassador stood on the White House steps and said that conversation never happened in other words he come to life and he said he's still waiting for trump to counter punch I had a counter bunch Russians right right you know I mean you know he's he is truly couldn't stop it remember the Helsinki conference and we had the opportunity to confront Putin in public right end well joint press conference you're exactly but then that's when he said he believed yeah for our intelligence community yeah exactly yeah you know I don't know why I wouldn't be leaving the city didn't do it I don't know why I wouldn't believe that he didn't interfere in our elections I don't know maybe with some four hundred crown fed guy on the edge of his bed this answer right you know I mean it and then let me let me let me read and let me remind you yeah denying Zelinsky four hundred million dollars in military aid plays directly into the hands of the Russian right because that money was for war with the Russian polite for anti tank right javelins right which we live stop the Russian advance advance yeah round and so so there's no question there's no question that Tom play began to Putin Sam's right with this with this okay so I finally gave in the money but how well how many lives did that delay cost in the Ukraine he gave them the money after the deal was with her tell what was happening here and Congress is investigating yeah so he was one step ahead of the posse yeah but my point is after if in the Delaney there were constant battles were and that military assistance could have been used how many lives did that delaying route almost in terms of Ukraine citizens exactly all right let's let's continue Hey it did we take a break read let's take a break come back and come back to the calls Tom hi this all started with this whole trump corruption scandal and where the president has states Donald Trump has released a transcript showing that he actually told the leader of a foreign government to have a proper integration with US foreign policy he needed to talk to this private this.

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