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Diabetes, Abbott Labs, CEO discussed on MAD MONEY W/ JIM CRAMER - Full Episode


And I think that add the is a buy, and I would actually add more to my position right here to get a better basis go to Ken and California, ten. Boo, boo. I'm looking at count them. Diabetes is up three hundred percent. This biosphere and I'd like a fundamental and technical opinion on Java's stock that's up a thousand percent. This thing is really been Rocketship. I recommend it up here. I think that the diabetes, unfortunately, and savvy diabetes is an epidemic. Everyone involved with it is doing quite well. You know, for specific diabetes play, so to speak. I like decks com. They've been on the show a number of times they've been able to withstand the competition from Abbott. That's my favorite, and it's not as speculative as Tanum. Let's go to Allen, Pennsylvania, Allen. Thanks for taking my call. Of course. Okay. I'm calling about intuitive surgical. They just a little intro. I know you know what like make and so surgical robots for minimally invasive surgery late and the called Vinci systems. It's a razor blade business. The systems being the razors and the Sposato instruments. They ran his Brad at forty, four hundred of these robots in hospitals worldwide, and they continue to ship a good deal. Well, I, I know well actually gave a presentation involved their their product years ago and realized how great it was. When I got a split a lot of time working helping overlakehospital and some New Jersey and all I can say about this is that I think there's far more runway here. I think I s r g has always looked expense. Live, but I would still be a buyer even up here by the way that last quarter was magnificent. Abbott labs is earnings call was a thing of beauty, who knows the CEO miles white. I would be a buyer right here if you don't own it much, we're mid money, greeting my school with a company that can add a little spice your portfolio. Don't miss by sit down with the CEO of McCormack then just ios matter again, I'm telling you why management is relevant discerning cycle, and I'm glad and all your calls, rapid fire tonight, the lading round. So stick with framer..

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