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He came this close Brett they were so close to routing the British and in the last minute is fog rolled in the American militia started shooting at each other. It was just a mess. A giant mess of friendly fire which gave the British enough time gave general Cornwallis in time to get out of Philadelphia with reinforcements for half. And they turned what looked for sure. Like it was going to be a continental victory into this rousing route of retreat. So now Washington's over three in the west, of course, when the British took Philadelphia, the continental congress, such as they were abandoned the city and most of them went back to their their own districts, but a small core at if anyone point between eighteen and twenty three delegates took over the courthouse in the inland. Philadelphia town of York and now the whispers that I spoke about about Washington, they're they're full blown roar. John Adams wants him out, Dr Benjamin rush and Slovenia surgeon, very respective and signer of the declaration of independence. He writes, an anonymous screed calling Washington a full blown dictator with no military skills. Now, there's a courses turned into a pamphlet it circulated up and down the east coast. Roll the colonies Patrick Henry. As a matter of fact, he saw the original. And he writes, the Washington he said this is Benjamin Russia's hand. Right. I just want you to know the kind of statesmen kinda heavy hitters you're up against once you out and Washington oddly enough, he was a great militia commander and if tree commander, but he knew nothing about cavalry tactics for about a about military, engineering or bad artillery. So when he was named commander in chief. He ran out, but all these books about how does this work? So now, he was not only learning how to be a military commander. He was learning. How to be a savvy politician if the knives are out for me, I'm gonna turn I'm gonna turn the situation around to make knives out for them. So when he did was he didn't respond to rush right away. Instead, he asked congress in York, the delegates were there, can you said the commission out here unin inspection tour. I want you to see what's happening out here. And when the five delegates who eventually arrived Valley Forge saw the condition of the army, right? When I'm saying, naked or half bacon. I'm not talking metaphorically foreign officers who came to Valley Forge. Either. Volunteer to fight for the Americans or observe were shocked to see continental centuries naked under a ratty blanket. Barefoot standing on their hats in the snow or the freezing muck. I mean this army was on the on the verge as Washington wrote to congress of starving dissolving dispersing when these five delegates Valley Forge they were. So embarrassed started taking off their own shoes and Eum two soldiers. So now Washington starts manipulating what came to me known as the camp committee these five delegates and without them really knowing they're putting into action everything that Washington wants every day. He sends over one of his young aids props to John Lawrence Alexander Hamilton, and controlling and kind of putting into mind. Oh, God, we need food. Washington's not an autocrat is the only thing keeping his army together, which effect was true. So it was almost like the tail sorted wagging. The dog the five delegates to the camp committee began wagging the dog of..

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