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Feels he's over enough now to have his own merchandise on the indian c pod line that you can get on a pro wrestling tees and so he wanted to put out there little little contest to the hose irs where they can come up with their own flip flop flip sunset design he's kinda cheap so he's not gonna pay you for it he's gonna give you shout out on the pod and he's also going to get you a free pulse message and flip sunset tshirt if you would do in this contest though but no money no money let's face no cash flip has saved his his money for as long glorious career apparently there's there's no they're saying lot of the old timers us it's not how much you make too much safe exactly so but you know we it's going to be another week where it's going to be short intro because we're fucking tired we've been shooting long hours we were shooting all this weekend too so we are working seven days a week at this point but we being multi talented being you know renaissance man yeah we're we're doing this for you really what we're we're doing where we put in the time this week and also matt threaten to himself if we didn't do it so we figured that would really pot of awesomeness yeah yeah and we had our guest this week cody rhodes he was in the bullpen for like seven months we'll talk about that with them we'll explain what that all means an entails yep and i honestly didn't have a chance to watch anything wrestling related this week neither did i so no idea what's happening hope it all went well.

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