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Across our area bridges or your expressways Samantha canning newsradio WFLA. watch for passing scattered shower this evening eighty four degrees seventy eight degrees forecast low for Wednesday rain chances relatively low as we watch Dorian pass of the east coast of Florida and a way toward the Carolinas eighty nine degrees for a high rate chance only twenty percent things really dry out of the backside of Dorian for Thursday more sunshine ninety one degrees rain chances less than ten percent same for Friday and Saturday hi Tim steered ninety degrees north wins twenty **** three to five choppy on bay waters I'm just totally cheap Irala just Steve Jorvik traffic reports every ten minutes on the tens. during a Tampa Bay on newsradio WFLA. this is our radios operation stormwatch radios operation stormwatch hurricane Dorian coverage I'm your host Ryan Gorman joining me Felix Vega Morgan lash Sutri kiss and James Berlin there were providing comprehensive coverage for the entire state of Florida up and down the east coast and inland from Orlando to Tampa Bay and if you haven't done this already make sure you have your I heart radio app downloaded on your phone for constant local updates as the storm continues to inch its way north up the Florida east coast in and really we're taking a look at the radar right now you've got storms all the way inland to winter haven Orlando's been getting a lot of rain and then you've got some of the more severe weather in terms of the outer bands along vero beach and and Daytona beach and Melbourne so there is a pretty significant impact on the state of Florida from hurricane Dorian luckily it's not the worst case scenario joining us on the hot line right now we have the publisher of Florida politics dot com Peter sure she can follow on Twitter Peter Schorsch F. L. Peter how are you I'm good dry I hope you all in all your family well after the storm. I gotta tell you take a look at the images out of the Bahamas thank god this storm did what the forecast at a doing it took that turn to the north because just complete devastation very reminiscent of what we saw in the panhandle last year with hurricane Michael. we've been blessed to get down the Bahamas so many times especially Disney's castaway cay which has been in the news a little bit because Disney left some of its workers there on purpose and I gotta say it's probably one of the nicest places on earth probably from the warmest people on earth it is a vacation hot spot because of all the reasons like that and that's what makes it even more heartbreaking is seen very very good people suffer through this with really. are you look at it with the category five us is reading the New York times article IV they just got thirty six hours yeah hello yeah I mean that's you know hurricane Michael for all the damage he did it it moves through the panhandle but to have Dorian stall over the Bahamas like that with that intensity just unbelievable let's talk about leadership here in the state of Florida because one thing that that you know when the storms make their way in an impact a state like here in Florida leadership is is where the focus is how do you think the governor and cabinet have done so far their first big storm to deal with aside from CFO Jimmy Petron this is been around for for previous storms but talking about governor to Santissima tenet governor Attorney General actually moody and and agriculture commissioner Nikki for you. yeah hurricane are like the big reset button on Florida politics and whatever you thought before about a Florida politician it's very different after a hurricane it's just the one unifying event like that and so whatever we thought of raw understand disaster movies or hand it's probably enhanced more so today the Santis HK's windbreaker.

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