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Terry Francona. That I think. These Shipley. Shipley. He's from Moon Township. He was a center for the Arizona Cardinals season like twelve year twelve or whatever you are the same people that you are the exact same I. Pittsburgh has a lot of various similar humans you. Yeah, I think it's a certain thing in AJ's from Ohio, so he's not really a rustbelt guy, so he doesn't fully understand Pittsburgh. Thurgau Nice area out there Aj know exactly what it is brought a nice area. Thank you. Yeah, Oh yeah we go just good old riverfront stadium back in the day. Nice place. How long were you on the Red Sean? How long was the rats yeah? Eight Years Eight Years Ninety eight to two thousand and five most of my career with the reds great unbelievable. Plumbly, will city unbelievable time man it's. Great Baseball. Fans great place a lot like Pittsburgh. Riverfront was the same thing as three rivers and. Saw How many showing. How many different managers did you play for just on the reds? Oh, boy, that's a great question. Start Off Jack McCann. Don't forget anybody. To. Bob Over three years. And then went to. Dave Miley Day Bali for like a year. To Jerry Nair for year, chairmanship me out of town spot. You don't like. Jerry shift you back home or get the hell out of CINCY. Yeah this Jerry. I just went to bat for you to front of Trade. All Right Sean. This rain looks like it's not gonNA. Let up! This game seems to be over. Yankees win undefeated. Yawn Giancarlo crews mikey stand hits at Dinger Aaron judge on his way to another four hundred million. Derek call with shave face, look good in Sherzer got pelted there at the end, but had not a bad outing. Hey was it was this over? It was a good I night. Just good to see baseball's couldn't see shares a cold going at it. It's good to see. Stand, go deep you. You know you love to see that good to see. Even go deep off coal, and just good to see baseball back sounds great in baseball back a man ladies and gentlemen, the mayor and legend. From his family's vacation ripping in shredding barrel psyches, tenny powers John Cases. Best. I love. Joining us now is a man who's a six time pro bowler. His numbers retired for the Philadelphia Eagles Eagles Hall of Famer and he wants signed a twelve year hundred fifteen million dollar deal with Andy Reid at the helm, Ladies and Gentlemen Donovan mcnabb. It was it wasn't five hundred and some million, but I'll take a hundred. Hey as you should, that is not a bad deal a welcome to the show. Thank you so much for joining us. Let's talk about that whenever you and your agent and the eagles were talking about potentially that long term deal well, how conversations go I would assume that you were excited for one hundred and fifteen million dollars, just like Patrick mahomes excited here the five hundred million dollar deal. But there's a lot of people that are like Oh. That's a bad deal for the player. It's a bad deal for the player. If I'm senator for one hundred million, I feel like that's a good deal, and I might be wrong in there. Well you know, you gotta remember at a time when which played you know drew bledsoe and I think Brett Farr with the only two at that particular time sign one hundred million dollar deal so I as we were kind of discussing contract you know. The information was sent to me not about the actual It was more of the years in as you can see what Dak Prescott is going through. Through at this time, you don't really want to extend your contract. Because then you'll miss out the boat on really actually getting big big money and so that's why you see press guy going for four years, and at that particular time remember ninety nine. When I was drafted. There are a lot of seven year contracts that were given up to a lot of guys, so I was fortunate enough in. In my fourth year to re up a Redo, my deal, which extended me into that twelve year deal because you know with the money and all it was great, but they wanted to lock you in so that they don't have to worry about me. Getting to the seventh or sixth year, my contract, and all of a sudden at one fifteen goes to a hundred and forty five Because we've. We've made it to so many NFC championships at that particular time, so it was smart business wise for the Philadelphia Eagles but also as far as my agent was concer- He was able to grind out and put out as much money as we could, which led to me obsessively getting through that deal, and then getting another extension so I can't complain by any means of what's going on. By the way that team was dominant to watch over there, in Philadelphia, and we'll talk about that chunky soup money. Chunk. Everybody gotta eat something. That was awesome union mom. Obviously, it's a very memorable commercial and brain in the business behind Donovan mcnabb was an awesome one in the way you played was so cool is well. I mean you're. You're an awesome player and watchman. You Re legitimately were an awesome player to watch What are you do now? Are You still around the game coaching? analysts obviously, what what are you? What is Donovan mcnabb of to nowadays still doing some analytical work with a few networks do few of Collins during the season I just to kind of keep me busy. also quarterback training out here in Phoenix Arizona. So still trying to help the youth stamped in a game and try to prepare them for what life presents him as he continued to get older. I'm also coaching girls AAU basketball so my daughter's involved oldest daughter's in basketball at this. It's actually the high school the Gordon through her. The year I have twins that are eleven that are involved in sports, so dad is playing the daddy role being Kiana reason in speed. Bus driver. Driving into each and every sports of it picking up lunch, and then picking up dinner so..

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