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It was a cat in them on my eyebrow sells. A doctor decided to stop defy. I was against I was like I'm ready to Fi- I want to continue and you can do nothin' US in Vince I decided to do it so we have this result in very very bag <hes> like past now we have now. I have the opportunity to do as a fight my way to fester us to defense about ten light to show ever since at diabled showing during all this year's. Have you been able to watch the fight recently do do you have the footage at actually know at that time it was. It's very difficult like to have any fights and it was five in U._S._A.. U._S._O.. I don't even have any pictures so that time that time it was you know it was not like now not like for example you have in advance of you. Man's you have time to study. You're born into you knows a name that time it was okay Valentina. Would you fight like in one week or two two weeks as the okay bye note and you are done scare who's Europe one into WHO's GonNa be toward your style. What tactic you just show up and five this is how it was back in said times? That's why I just came and fought in. It's like a happens that happened but <hes> you know I'm another person's that carry Karen like Olsza pass like Gaz I ever percents it. I had to learn from experience and to became better fighter stronger presser percents stronger opponent and I continue forward. I continue my way martial the arts she told the story a couple of weeks ago where she was actually scheduled to fight your sister and then at the last minute they switched opponents and she ended up fighting. You do remember going down like that as well and if so why I never heard about about this I never you know. I don't know what Argon is eight the goal on your side but on my side he received like proposal to fight only for me Antonina. It's time you didn't think to go back to come back to mixed martial arts him a May fights because people was fighting in Whiteion. She were like she just sinking continue her Moi tied career I and set time and she never thinking to come back to mixed martial arts because as this fight I._S. theft because they offer it's M. straight to me. Okay all right so deferring stories is there but in the end you guys are fighting on on August tenth and I'm wondering if you are surprised that she is next for you because even when you fought just guy known was really talking about Liz being next few she had a fight against Roxanne Montazeri which was supposed to be this weekend was she who you thought might be next when you just in Chicago or are you thinking if someone else you know I was not surprised when you see over. Lee's s like the attention but then shall opponents because because I knew it's GonNa Happen. I knew going to happen one day because she's drawn. She's continue create your successful like Reenen History in flyway division and I knew that stay gonNA come and relate doesn't matter it's GonNa be now or in a few months later so even opportunity I took it. I don't want to wait and see the inviting for and those are and who reveal brady who want have an issues or something to do and just want to five because I'm a Pfizer I'm professional fighter and this is my life. Your knockout against just guy was one of the best of the year it was incredible to watch..

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