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As james delay need to the turn of the century takes place in england and there's a lot of stripe going on between as you'd imagine united states the new brand new america arm united states and england and there's a lotta politics involved many of which involved jonathan price who you might no as you know joe the price right he's maybe but he nowadays he's in younger people know how i said prior to the caribbean are the shows and i know he why i mean uses so many things he was in brazil way back then it you know he was in a lot of other the terry gilliam stoplight guard office job bryce been around forever what are we what what is is what is is the character's name on game of thrones he plays that that shame game on the wife knows a going away too far to to be a volunteer yeah no but taboo some beautiful imagery some great stuff it's going to really get your eyes fanciful for your eyes the story line is so a little hard to follow the wife and i both through plenty times going not really sure without happening but i like what i'm watching like that's we're going to get you're going to get a lot of tall marty playing almost to build a butcher type role which to me is back raised you can't made a fact sure a better role in in a in and a machine shop you know what i mean for him to be blamed bill the but you're my favorite all time characters he played a very this man james the lanie is he's play both sides of the coin he has a did.

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