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That's all sports desk. Here is Brian D. Special teams blunders became a regular occurrence for the 2020 Green Bay Packers, and so they're making a change currently to score. Here's the snap. JK Scott lifts a high spiral beautiful punt. Backing up on it, Making the catch warning muffs. It picks it up on a hot cuts. Right 30 outside the numbers 35 40 down the right sideline. 45 50 45 41 Man to beat Jay Kay Scott forces into the near side lines down the right side of the end zone touchdown and the Eagles are right back in this game, and I see no flags. How many times did poor JK Scott kid dunked on this past season? The Packers are officially parting ways. With special teams coordinator Sean Menengah. There is no word yet on the status of defensive coordinator my pet in whose contract expired at the end of the season. Monogamous firing could be just the first of many changes coming this offseason in Green Bay. So when the Packers have to do going forward to get over the hump next season, head coach Matt the floor says. It all comes down to a particular mentality. I just think we gotta have that championship mentality from from the jump from the opening game that way when you get to that point It's just like every other game, I think sometimes when the stakes get a little heightened everybody myself included. You know, you will sometimes make a mistake that you wouldn't normally make. There's a very telling quote there from the head coach. You can hear that full interview. Right now. It is up at wtmj dot com. Basketball. You could make it two victories in a row for the Milwaukee Bucks. Be honest to the riverbank it in with a foul. What big steps you take young man bucks Go in front by seven. Young is finishing just one says shy of a triple double in a 1 15 1 away went over Toronto. Yeah, I thought, you know some of the ball movement. Some of the togetherness, um, was one of our better games. You know, so far and, uh, the honest attract such a crowd and we trust the past and trust his teammates like he did tonight. You know good things happened That is Buck's head coach Mike Budenholzer, Bud and company continuing their road trip tomorrow night in New Orleans against Zion Williamson and the Pelicans and finally, in college basketball, it's now back to back losses for the market Golden Eagles in overtime. Marquette loses by nine at Providence Market Now eight, mate four and six and Big East place market Guard DJ Carton did have a chance to win it at the buzzer, but the possession came up empty be involved in a high ball screen. And play He scored on previously We got down here. And You know, he was not able to get down here that time that his head coach devote House key market. Now, in a three way tie for seventh place in the Big East Conference. Things did go better for the Wisconsin Badgers. Michael Potter leading the way with 23 points as Wisconsin held off Maryland, 61 to 55. The Badgers road trip continues Saturday in Happy Valley against Penn State. Jean quickly getting back to the Green Bay Packers and some of the coaching changes that air happening and B might be on the horizon. I think there's another one that could come down pretty soon. I've got more on that coming up in my extra points Presented by all right home and remodeling at 7 45. It is 7 17 and Wtmj start planning for your retirement today..

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