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You really have to judged three year olds More about by what they do later in the year because so many of them. Just you know the gladwin blossom. I mean look at Eric Eight. I mean talk about a worse who who delivered performances that you see. God this brilliant you know so I you know you know maximum security you know at the end of the series got two racism against older horses in the bold. Ruler is just like a grade three sprint. But he wanted with a good figure but I thought the the Cigar Mile was define in grace. You know he beat you know the the the the you know the the best horse. He could possibly face at that time of year he he trounced him he ran a big number. This who maximum security. I mean all the other your stuff. The controversy over the Derby Gary West he ran for sixteen thousand. I'll that's kind of irrelevant. I mean I look at the The Cigar Mile and say okay. You know this this is the real maximum mm-hmm security now if he just done this out of the blue you don't consider him for a championship but when you've got this on top of a resume. Hey that's almost almost perfect for the ear and includes Kentucky Derby Victory You know that that that that makes him look pretty good. Fold in the. The you know the the monolith of the Breeders Cup As well because it's GonNa.

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