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Welcome back and Celtics are back. Preseason is not quite here yet, of course the regular season not too too far away, but training camp and all of the wonderful, fluffy interviews that you come to expect this time of year. Everybody's in the best shape of their lives. Everyone's and has a chance to contend and all that good stuff. Where do the Celtics realistically fall into all of this we'll get into it Adam Kaufman. Chris grant, I'm Chris, it's great to have you back on the show. I'm not sure you and I together have ever done one of these Evan valenti, I know who of course is typically with us. You've talked to him. You've come on, but I was looking last time you were on Celtics beat was back sometime in February. So at that point, Evan 48 was still with the magic. Jaylen Brown hadn't heard his wrist yet. You know, Jayson Tatum's still using an inhaler. It was a different world back then. So it's good to have you back now. It was a different world. I think this is a better world now where, you know, things are a little more situated, but it was a much different basketball world. Thanks for having me on. Yeah, absolutely. Of course, Danny ainge was still in charge and Brad Stevens was the head coach. We know how that has gone. So the new pobo is Stevens as people have, you know, come to learn. We've talked a lot about it on this program. Email doca is the new head coach. And now that we're finally getting into camp and practices are underway and I know there's only so much that you guys are able to watch when you're down there and obviously you're paying attention, you're listening, you're getting a feel for the guy beyond just those introductory press conferences when he was hired and whatever we've been able to gauge from his experience with Team USA, but what do you find you're learning about email doka this early on? I think he's a tough coach, but I think it's, you know, kind of there's an element of tough empathy there where he's a players coach and guys really like him, but he holds people accountable and that's sort of been his reputation in Brooklyn and Philly in San Antonio. A lot of guys that come out of pop system that's kind of their MO. But I think it's gonna fit well because it's different than Brad Stevens. Jalen Brown talked about it at media day. He was like tough coaching for Brad. Isn't really tough coaching. That's just, and that's not a bad thing. That's just the way it is. Brad Stevens isn't a guy that's going to really get in your face, kind of hold you accountable, sure he can get fired up at times, but emio Doc I think is a little bit different. A lot of guys have talked about that tough coaching element..

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