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Come to Palm Beach county and be released into our community. Well, that was the immediate reaction Jen to Palm Beach county sheriff Rick Bradshaw, friend of the show. We keep in touch with him and he was saying, by the whole thing. And it sounds like Palm Beach county, mayor Mack Bernard was to first of all, thanks for being here. And Secondly did this just come as a total surprise. Good morning. Good morning. How you doing? Good. Mac? Was this a total surprise to you? Total surprise to me and to the residents of Palm Beach county. Of, you know, bringing the crisis that at the border to Palm Beach county where we were probably county will receive about five pleasures on documented individuals per month to county and on a yearly basis that's over six thousand per year without addressing shelter food and resources for those individuals link. What is this order, come from MAC, like, where's the direct order from is at homeland security? This would be based on a, the border patrol and homeland security that made that determination that they would choose Broward and on beach county, and those were the two counties in the state of Florida, that would receive these individuals to me. It's shifting the responsibility mine forces that needed to address the Uman tearing prices, that's taking place at the border shifting the border crisis here to the palm counting did. They there. Mechta de anybody tell you. Why Palm Beach and Brown county. We have I vote, we've been communicating with them to try to determine exactly why. I know that Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to the acting director for homeland security to get.

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