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And not always politically correct land Dante Dad's Muslim is lance and I am in the beautiful continent of Africa where it is always nice and hot it's like the Sunshine State Yeah it's it's always bombing here but anyways absorbed my partner Dante hey how you doing brother really well how about you doing I've actually doing pretty good I this is guilty guilty thing here I really enjoy being out and working with foreign cultures and Ford people and just you know I really liked that I really just the P Bull I you know most places ninety percent places people are awesome and even some of the worst places people are still awesome the downside is I always miss my family I wish I could bring the wife and kids and anybody else but but I do enjoy do enjoy the work and being out and just being in foreign areas not everybody does but I but I do I take it so it is it's pretty awesome are you like is l. Burgers I mean like what was so they do a lot of lamb lamb chicken fish seafood the seafood is amazing hair I'll tell you that that's the one thing you can go to any restaurant and order seafood and it's great and everything's cheap so the conversion rate is like you know three local dollars per one dollar so your money goes along I mean you can literally get a whole meal for you know three or four but Fox here so it's pretty awesome pretty awesome that's a loss aloe so before we get started here just reminded guys Legacy Dad's you weekly does the biblical manhood it's podcast is for men husbands and fathers in all stages of life were we promote and advocate proven biblical principles for leaving a lasting legacy the and hey fair lady listen shot ladies to we we love club and you guys listening in as well even though he say's for guys men you guys are always oh come on you know that so switching gears we're going to kind of go back and we're GONNA we're GonNa talk about we did Previously podcast on twelve ordinary man we we talked about p eater so tonight we're going to go a little bit we're GonNa talk to the next disciple we're GonNa talk about Andrew so Donte I'll kind of start to soften we can jump back and forth if you want this thing so Peter Peter's brother was Andrew actually and and an and he's like probably one of the least known of the four decide bulls in what they call the main groups of these these there's there's four disciples that were had a kind of a greater intimacy or closeness with Christ and and who is in that category but he is one of the least known of this and but we often we know that he had a particularly close relationship with Christ because he was so often the means by which other people got introduced to Jesus so he was he was a born evangelist was always introducing people due to Jesus and it's widely believed that Andrew was actually the very first one called by Jesus at the time Andrew was a companion the friend of John Brother of James the son of Zebedee and and John were disciples of John the Baptist and their first encounter with Jesus was that day after Jesus Baptism and they were standing next John the Baptist when Jesus approached and John said behold the lamb of God that comes from John One thirty five thirty six and the men immediately left John side and began to fall Geez is that's I thirty seven and soon after we see Andrew sought out his brother Simon Simon Peter which was probably Simon Peter as we know of scripture was probably the dominant brother was more vocal more You know definitely the type a brother out of that but when we look at this Andrew ultimately was one that brought Peter to Christ as we saw versus in John John One versus forty one and forty two what have we got next onto what he you know I mean if you think about it Peter and Andrew probably lifelong companions with other sets of fishermen they were pretty tightknit group you would imagine you know for them shared common spiritual interest in even before they met Christ it looks like they took a break from fishing you know and we can see how close that was with their dads and probably uncles and all that but visited the wilderness they were with John the Baptist where he was preaching and became the Zyppah of John you know in some of this aspect like you know as we're reading about Andrew and that's when they first met Christ in you know I love the idea that you know and who is one that sought out Simon Peter and you know and set is sufficient upon this rock I'm going to build you know and just the relationship there in the the quietness the gentle leadership the manhood that you just get an his character it just it when we get into stuff like this it just fascinates me more that you you you just look at some of these disciples and it's just like I just wish we had more reference to Andrew in in the Gospels the New Testament because it's seems like somebody that you know I mean if you look around you know a urine leaders meeting your in you know a visionary meeting urine boardroom you're in military meeting strategy meeting Gua- The guy that a lot of people when he speaks you know he's not deviating much you know he doesn't speak all the time he's not trying to micromanage but he's at ever so stoic just sound person that you you have a lot of confidence in that does that really start to describe who we're talking about here lance yeah and I think like you said it's we we see that you know Andy's really only mentioned about nine times in the in the gospels and and a lot of it is because of of his brother Simon Peter in so he's kind of you know you know he's mentioned because okays with some impeded the time but again I think like you said Dante you see this guy every church has sky he's that guy that just quiet background is doing God's work is working hard but he doesn't boast he doesn't say a lot he's just quietly you know doing God's work and I think it's rate this is a great reflection I think if your guy out there and you're one of those guys like Hey I'm not a public speaker I don't get up and make speeches I don't do a lot of talking but I really have a heart for God I mean Andrew Andrew's you guy and I I would identify this guy in we have a saying in the military of of in special forces they see into the Wyatt professional you do what you need to do but you don't boast about it you don't call attention to yourself and I think that's exactly what we see here and you and the other thing that's really cool about this is throughout all the disciples and and throughout all the Bible we see the guide and specifically with the Disciples Jesus he saw the raw material and these men and he saw all these men come from different backgrounds different experiences they weren't the polished legislators of the day but it Jesus ultimately used them and train them for roles that they would play in the early church and each one of these men even though they had the personalities backgrounds and different traits spiritual gifts were an integral part of spreading the Gospel around the world and think you know for this reason the they're all mentioned as the foundation of the Church with Jesus Christ being the cornerstone of the Church we see that Fijian's two twenty but andrew was is really that guy that you know hey I don't have to bring a lot of attention to myself I'm not going to be in the spotlight but I'm getting things done and I know autism I know who my master is does any sense yeah and you can see the quiet relationship to him you know we get on that a little bit later in the podcast as far as you know he's bringing Jesus and in the back channels and you know really I mean I love Andrew because it's like when you do read about them when you do see the actions you know he the one that's bringing him to the master he's the one that's bringing them to the Savior Messiah Jesus Christ and you know it isn't look at me it isn't you know look at Andrew all over it just humble servant you know the servant leader and I love the idea you know Jesus when he's sharing with disciples you know when they're when two other brothers are you know who wants to I can we sit on your left hand and right hand you know he said if you WANNA be first you've got to be last and and Andrews like the Epitome of that example and you know I think as we look further into almost everything scripture tells us about Andrew shows e and the right heart for effective ministry in the background you know he did not seek the center of attention as you said Lance he did not seem to be you know to to resent those who labored in the spotlight he was obviously an evidently content to do what he could with the gifts in the calling that got give him an allowed others to do the same unlikely we read about Barnabus I I would imagine Andrew without even knowing more was probably the encourage irs well just you know that steady rock that person that you knew when you want it sounded by that he was probably in the first second third on that speed dial yeah absolutely no and the other thing we see two is in that's in the evidence of it in in scripture or in a religious history or anything like that but there's really no evidence that Andrew was you know angry that Peter was in the spotlight more Peter was chosen to be the rock and all those things you know and sometimes you see that in family dynamics where one brother is favored over another you know there's resentment and there's bitterness than it can lead to infighting in family we don't see that by at least the Gospel accounts we have and what he history we do have on Andrew we see that he was fine he said you know what hey I understand my brother is called to a different style ministry than I was and I think that's important for us lender member that hey there's going to be people that are called up for leadership there's going to be people are going to call to be more vocal than others at doesn't mean that you have your wall is not equally important if you're one of those quiet guys you're one of the guys that works behind the scenes or you're not out in the spotlight it doesn't mean you're that God is not using you away and and some ways you'd see that you know you may have more of an impact at an individual level of people then you know the ones that are the spotlight or the ones that are always talking and I think you know just looking at the example of Andrew here I'm hoping that this is an encouragement to some of those guys because I definitely fall into this category at times myself and I feel like you know hey andrews the perfect example that quite guy that just was obedient to God was submissive to God let God use him and and let you know used what spiritual gifts he had and was not the jealous or resentful of the spiritual gifts that he didn't have does that make sense Dante like you said you know when he when he introduced Peter to Jesus mean knowing full well who peter is I mean probably all through boyhood growing up with him he had no your reservation I mean he just fully did come meet the Messiah and you know I love that because I mean whenever Andrew did speak scripture from what we see he always said the right thing thing not the wrong thing and it reacts apart from other disciples he does what is right and you know scripture never `attaches anything whatever condescending or dishonor when it speaks of Andrew's actions when it mentioned him by name and I mean like I don't know about you lands but I I don't need to be in you know the the New York Spotlight or a Hollywood spotlights but you know this is something that I would drive for hey if the the head rabbi the Asya the chief of chief King of Kings Lord of Lords looks at me in a positive light and the fact that my light always pointed to him I I tell you that I don't I can't think of a higher way to end my life than have that being spoken while of like that yet even think about that so so then Andrew his aim actually means Manley that's kind of what his name Anton I'm an if we look at the example of Andrew even though he didn't speak a lot even though we don't have a record of him saying he's he was still bold he was still decisive he was deliberate with what he did nothing about him was feeble or Wimpish or passive I mean he because he didn't speak a lot doesn't mean that he wasn't this you know bold and decisive guy because he certainly was and he has a drip is really driven by this heart passion for the Truth and willing to subject himself to hardship and I think you know he was driven by passion for you who's a very devout man and he was very effective leader even though he was seldom in the limelight he certainly never sought out to be in the limelight and I think what we see over and over again and where you know Peter was sometimes a hothead and and like you said Dante you know Peter was the one that you know set a lot of stupid things and we have things record over in scripture and Peters one that denied Christ three times and sometimes see he spoke when he should have probably kept his mouth shut in little bit more but we see the opposite of that Andrew Were Andrews a guy that had don't need to say a lot I'm going to think about it when I act I'm going to act in the way that Scott honoring I'm going to do the right thing and the one thing I love what Andrew like you you mentioned to Dante was that he recognized the.

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