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My dolphins let me down. So that is rough. You're so unc. Right unc. Alabama pole Yes bob day. Started out fine Tailgate at unc. Great pre-game festivities. Also they're meant the vincent jackson thing that was really cool to see the ninety six championship game. Cool celebrate but it was like twenty two zero at that point. So i did go home about mid second quarter because there are some other games. I wanted to watch The alabama Tough they battled in the second half. I think it's just tough as a young team that may be needed. A loss never on say that. But you've got to earn the number one ranking so. Let's get some humble pie and let's go beat up mississippi state next week. This is just what cracks me up about sports right because alabama never loses and then they lose on a last second mean it wasn't like they got blown out it's not like alabama's a bad team. They didn't have a lead in the fourth quarter. He lose so rarely. Did this the one day right sunday and monday. That's one day we all boy. what about alabama. Is there some cracks in the wall. We did this say we used to do the same thing with tom. Brady and the patriots. Sports fans loved overreact. And you got the alabama crimson red on today to is. You're wearing red all week. shipper me. not but i've been dealing with this o. Dynasties dead talk for years now and as long as savings there they're going to be just fine and it always looks to be dolphins fan. It's okay it's okay. But i'll tell you the highlight of my saturday. Was that fight fury. While was that got my spirit's backup. Yeah i was dow was ridiculous. I mean those are just two groomed dudes throwing punches man and dante's actually from tuscaloosa. Is that right tough loss. You're pulling for wilder. I like tyson fury. I think he's good for a tough fighter. Yeah i don't know how you beat that. I don't know either i don't know either. What get into more of the recaps and things of that nature coming up but we do need to get a break. Because windsor mayor paul renta meyer gonna join us just a bit before we do. Guy hit the bottom of the hour news weather once. They thanks proactive. Physical therapy and sports medicine with locations in eaton and angrily. Don't ways that surgery that you just had done. He got to get back out there. Get your body better than ever and you do that with the surgery and then care you give your body. Afterwards is practice physical therapy and sports medicine more online at proactive colorado dot com nine thirty. Two let's get to the bottom. They our news and weather center in colorado. Never stops neither do we. This is no co now presented by shanin agency. Here's tanner's situations monday morning. Northern colorado woke me into the vision special studios..

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