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Together. So you now. If these two players who've been battling jewkes has something he's battling some type of injuries coming back from it they're taking it easy with him zach banners coming off. Acl surgery last season. He's coming back so you have your left. Tackle left guard kevin dots and it doesn't look like he's going to play unless he gets back on the field soon Brazil so left guard might be like reshad coward. They'll price swing him over maybe. Bj finney looks like kendrick. Green is gonna continue to run with the ones until he proved. He proves he can't do it right. Guard trae turner. Who was honorable mentioned. Last week on my list. He should be back he should be playing at least a little bit. And then right. Tackle zach banner. This is going to give the fan base a little bit of a better idea as to what the offensive line is going to look like and what they can do. So i'm excited for that last player on offense as a player. I actually listened last week. So i kind of broke my own rule and that's pat youth. He didn't play. So i'm going to put them on there again. I really wanna see pat farm. You can do acetate. And he's been making ridiculous catches all camp. Let's see what he can do if if if he is an i forget the player that said it. Someone said they remind him. He reminds him of travis. Kelsey could you imagine if the steelers got a player like that. I can't stand travis kelsey. He's a crybaby but ultimately if the steelers had one of those palm yeah. I'll take it thank you very much. So that's my office player. Now let's go to defense three defense players first on the list is devin. Bush devin bush. He's coming back just like banner off the aco last season. He did not play last thursday. I would imagine they wanna get him. Some live game raps dave. Scofield had a great point. We were kind of arguing not arguing. Were messaging back and forth on our slack. Channel about why i thought devon bush should play he said devin bush should not play based on the fact that the field canton's is reportedly always awful and see that's a good point that's a good point philadelphia's a natural grass surface. They should be fine getting him out there. Let's get him some reps get him some hits and then get out of there. And then you have melvin ingram. He's my next on the defensive list. I just want to see what he can do. We not j. watt unlikely to play for obvious reasons in case you were asleep at the beginning of the podcast. Go back and listen to the beginning. But melvin ingram. I really feel like he is. He's going to get the reps to get himself situated in pittsburgh. There's not much this guy has to learn he. He probably already grasped the the the scheme he just has to learn the verbiage. He has to know what to say in certain situations hill. Be fine but i want to watch him. I'm excited and then i also defense and this is based solely on the performance last week. Is alex highsmith. I want to see alex. Highsmith do what he did last week. Again tell me show me. It wasn't a flash in the pan. Show me that this is what we can expect now from you as a pass rusher in the national football league and wow that will be something else that then then because if you have. Alex highsmith doing that all the time. I don't care who's going against. I don't care if it's backups. Third third-string doesn't matter if he's doing that and he's making guys look foolish. And then you have melvin ingram. Who looks like he's the. Da he still has it. And then you get tj wad back. Eventually all of a sudden people are going to be saying bud depre- who that pass rush is going to be absolutely lethal absolutely lethal. So those are my six players to watch offense zach. Banner core for in pat. Fry patty firm. You defense devon bush. Melvin ingram alex. Highsmith i do wanna watch presley harvey and again. I'm curious are they going to sprinkle jordan berry jordan. Berry did nothing in that first game. So we'll see if the battle actually takes place in philadelphia on thursday night. All right folks. That does it for me. Make sure you check out the podcast. All of our podcast makes you check out my. Let's ride podcast on wednesday going to be talking about expectations for the steelers coming up against philadelphia. It's different feel to it than that first game which we knew just going to be nothing but death players. This has a different feel to it. We'll be talking about that as well as recapping. Some of what might tomlinson his press conference on tuesday. Also we'll be answering your questions so make sure you follow me on twitter at j. harmon age. Rtm a n. underscore on tuesday. I'll put out the question. Which is hey who's got questions. Fire away and i'll answer them in the second part of my show all right folks. That does it for me. I appreciate you listening and taking part of that rant at the beginning of the end of the first segment. I can't say that that's the only time there's going to be more rants coming. I guarantee it. In the meantime folks you know we finished it out..

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