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Long enough marvin jones. Same thing the andre swift. I'm sure is perfectly up to speed with everything. It's tough match-up for him but you can't get away from him he's better. Pr the non pr like. Start mama gordon over. Here i would start. Melvin gordon over swift. Mpr you wouldn't pr. no. I'm not there yet. But you've got to consider it that it could get pretty sideways for swift. I mean what am i miss. Melvin gordon. he's not coaching he. Well he might catch. It's not a ton. he's not gonna have as many receiving yards. The andre swift most likely but i think he's going to have a lot more carries he might have eight more carries then swift. He's certainly not fighting with anyone for goal line work which could be a problem for swift and you just go back to the first four games of the season and he was really good job. Lindsay only played in about half one. Half of one of them was bad against one team and who was the box he was really good and all the other games but all right. I guess i'm going to be like super high. Melvin gordon. i'm not gonna have them ring for part. But i just think there's a little safer okay. Henry ruggs off the reserve covid list. So that is nice. He will play. And he will have cash pass from. Derek carr terry maclaurin terry maclaurin markets. Brown both missed practice. Davor we starting to get a little worried about their availability. I'm not getting worried about it. They've been limited or maybe in some cases out of practice in the case of maclaurin limited lately anyway so we'll see if this is just like maintenance forearm and they get one practice before the game or not markey's bronze a little bit of a different story. Hopefully he's all right. Carl rudolph is going to be out this week. Friday game today. Game at new orleans so with rudolf outlets one last word on earth smith jamie. I wouldn't trust them. I mean he's he's in that Desperation play a tight in the saints. That obviously really good against defending the position to give up a touchdown jobs galaxy. But i don't know if you can factor that in. I believe it's the first touchdown since week. Seven so tough match-up. He's you know his big games come on four targets so you can't really bank on that that certainly being a a consistent producer so Like i had smith in the semifinals and just to give an example like the titan. I'm currently using in one final I think matters a higher ceiling this week against jacksonville. Then smith does against the saints. I believe that. Npr and i kind of believe in a non pr to and irv smith. I can't remember exactly what happened last week. But in the game he made some type of mistake. And all of a sudden tyler. Conkland started getting more playing time and caughlin even had a screen pass that he caught and ran for a touchdown. I'm wondering if caughlin is real sneaky and dfs okay. Yeah i mean it's a. It's a single game slate. So save some money trae want smith is out but marquis callaway could return this week for game play. Two hundred dollars on draftkings unbelievable. He's not that cheap on fan duel. Okay marquis calloway. And james conner practice in full so expect him to go. The last three games will preview. Today are the also practicing. Oh great good. Good good giants ravens denver. Yes denver chargers the The colts are going to get revenge on him. For all those drops and buffalo new england..

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