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Tonight's with a low of 88 in a 30% chance of rain 99. The high tomorrow with a 30% chance of rain. Your weather brought to you by Howard Air and Sports Guy Paul Calvi see joining us now, instead of the fans, Jim saying sons. It's more like suna Ba a cz Ricky Rubio and Aaron Baines reveal they've tested positive for covert 19. Healthy wise. I'm good. You don't have my symptoms. Away, Give my best team but at the same time stay focused on my health. Now Rubio has already been cleared in the starting point guard has been practicing this week in Orlando. Aaron Baines, not so much right now in panic, trying to get healthy tryingto get back to be a part of the team of unfortunately tested positive for Coke. Good sons have their exhibition opener five o'clock tonight against the Jazz sketch. A call on ESPN 6:20 a.m. D backs open the season tomorrow night, But first I've got to close the book on those exhibition law. Ass's GM MIKE Hazing on 98 7 FM Arizona sports You have forgotten about it, but watching it. I wasn't It didn't mean nothing in my mind. Tori and I have had conversations since we didn't look very good again. The D'backs debuted some all night at San Diego, but the 60 game season starts tonight with a doubleheader, including gnats and Yankees. You're going to have no fans, fake crowd noise. And then you have Giants Dodgers with Mookie Betts, by the way, get in a 12 year, $365 million contract extension. Saul announces that if fans are a games this season, well after wear face coverings, that is sports news. It's hi. I'm j Foreigner CEO..

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