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Cash. A twenty eight year old ban wasn't injured after giving the driver money when the driver in man met after the man reportedly left something in the driver's vehicle. The driver displayed a pocket knife and use the translation apt to demand money the driver, a forty one year old man drove away, and as of Monday police haven't found him, even though the Uber app gives passengers information about their drivers like their name where they're from and their license plate number after his upset. Win win is reformed candidate lawyer Wesley bell is getting ready to take over as prosecutor for Saint Louis county. Here's came Alexis. Kevin Colleen Wesley bell says he's not out to be soft on crime, but his Goalby to help low level offenders find alternatives to prison does need treatment. We're not talking about about violent offender that's a completely different ballgame. Obviously, those individuals will be held accountable, but we're talking about low level offenders that if we give them the treatment that they need. They won't become violent campaign against the death penalty. But he declined to say until he takes office in January, whether he would consider it for the Catholic supply murder case or any other Kevin Kaleen NewsRadio eleven twenty km away. A lot of Zeus students staff and faculty retuned into an elaborate ceremony a half a world away this morning. That's because for the first time ever Mizzou professor was being honored with the Nobel prize during the ceremony at the Stockholm's concert hall in Sweden on this anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death. George p Smith was humble accepting the Nobel prize for chemistry win this award was announced on October three my friends who were actual chemists were surprised to learn that I was one too. Smith to invite up to fifteen family members, friends and colleagues to the event in Sweden while alive. Watch party was set up in Columbia Mizzou students and faculty to tune in Brett blend NewsRadio eleven twenty camel wax, mostly sunny Tuesday with a high fifty three. This is our American.

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