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French Road Route 100 eastbound accident is after a Randall Mills Boulevard. Now from garage Door repaired calm. The wf hailstorm Art seven forecast. Some spotty light showers could be coming through the area from now until 1 p.m.. We're headed up to 51 degrees. Tomorrow. Just 40 degrees and then lower thirties from Thursday on through the weekend. Next weather maker will move in Wednesday evening out Friday morning. Expect two waves of snow showers. I'm ABC seven meteorologist Veronica Johnson and the Storm. What seven Weather Center Right now. It is 27 in Vienna, 26 in Damascus, 32 at Reagan National. I'm John Matthews on 105.9 FM. Washington's mall. W M A L. NOW Washington Mornings on the mall doubles. Good Tuesday morning, five of seven year old mornings on the mall. 6 35 were joined by Sheriff Chuck Jenkins will discuss how the Biden administration's limiting ice arrests and deportations is affecting the citizens of Frederick at 705 Brian Darling joins us the layout the impeachment process today. At 7 35 Mark Bucher, the owner of medium of the medium rare restaurants in our area, the latest on how Montgomery County's Changing dining restrictions are affecting diners and those trying to serve them at 805. It's a buyer in New York with five reasons why the entire process for impeachment today is unconstitutional and in a 35, Virginia Ali's the co founder and owner of Ben's Chili Bowl, very exciting. They're gonna be part of a History channel and.

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