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Shame it was somebody who was very close to our families who was abusing me but this book was a place that I could dive into to really just like to to process. I just kept thinking like Oh. This is the thing that happens to people and and it's obviously very bad but also it will not destroy you like I think that for me. That was the overarching feeling. It made me feel like less alone. Every time I pick up that book. It's something that it hits me like a ton of bricks. Every time senior life mirrored that way in a book it's a powerful experience and as I got older older and got to know the rest of Morrison's work. She realized it was bigger than anyone story. It was a whole way of thinking about what stories could be and they were for you know just how much pleasure and pride and urgency she took in the fact that she wrote about black people for black people. I'm thinking about the interview that I like. I watch should all the time on Youtube and now I can't think about who the interviewer is but actually who cares interview whereas the Clippers Muniz talking about from an interview Tony Morrison did in Nineteen Ninety eight with the Australian alien journalist Yana vent vent who was white looks very serious as she turns to Tony Morrison and says this. You don't think you will ever change and right books. That incorporate wide wide lives into them substantially. I have done in a substantial. You can't understand how powerfully raise the question any as you could never ask a white author when you're gonNA write about black breath he did or not or she did even in curry comes from a position of being in the center and being used to being in the same gene used to being and saying you know. Is it ever possible that you will entered into mainstream. It's inconceivable that we're I already am and she really just like flips the question on its head and she's it's always like you never like all of the questions. I got sent her white people and actually like no like yeah like that's racist and I she's like I center myself and I sent her black people in my work. There's nothing wrong with that and I was like this is true. It's like I think about the you know. The cannon that I read in college on High School and and Tony Morrison pointed the she's like you know like nobody's he's asking tolstoy like writing for like. Are you writing for you know like for young. Russians is only for Russian. I it sounds and so I you know like I'm obviously making light of it and being a little flippant but I think that for so many of us that was that was game changing you know and she she never shrank. She wasn't provocative. She wasn't you know she was just telling the truth about who she was and and I really appreciate about it. Always seems particularly unfair that when someone dies they're not around to help you through their death the one person you don't get to hear talk about. Tony Morrison dying his Tony any Morrison but death something she came back to again and again in her writing after the break a ghost story this up so the nod is brought to you by borough with the cold weather starting to creep in TV shows returning. There's no better our time to cozy up on your couch with a remote in hand and I got a little routine. I organized my like snacks. I kind of like lay them out on my coffee table. Usually after I've eaten this next feet go up on the coffee table. Kid is asleep so I have to worry about anybody. Repeating that behavior yeah not I just lay back and settle in and usually like I emerge with Spring mid spring even after the is the railway springs yet and if you're like Eric and you plan on being glued to your couch all fall along why not do it like a pro borough sofas are made with durable fabric. That's both scratch and stain resistant plus. You can customize the fabric color leg finish or length to meet your specific needs. Don't settle L. for your same old. Couch settle into a new Comfy Borough Sofa. Get Seventy Five dollars off your New Sofa.

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