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The PECAN Pumpkin ones they were great, and also the I mean, the the Pumpkin. Chocolate chip I buy her. PUMPKIN PIMP. PUMPKIN can pancakes. Triple P. and they were great There was a caramel sauce with them in that was on the side and that was Kinda stuck at the bottom of the container. So that was kind of the only downside, but you can scoop it out and put it on the pancakes and it tastes good when when I stuck my fork in there and I got on it but they were they were. Really really, really tasting my mom was very happy with them and I. Re- I loved the chocolate chip pancakes ow they were I haven't had an animal long time and I in I got a little chocolate chip kick for our next episode I got something with chocolate chips in it too. But the chocolate chip pancakes were were tasty. The only thing they were they were so good with including everything in. The in the bag like they they didn't miss any single item and the only thing that they didn't put ketchup and cream and sugar and everything. The only thing that there wasn't was was butter and if I had butter for the for those chocolate chip pancakes. I would've they would've put him over the top and I really loved him. anyways. How is the? Minor. She with chocolate chip pancakes normally like the chocolate just gets a little messy and there's just a little too much chocolate. All over the bottom of the pancakes but like when they're really mixed, well I'm like it was mixed pretty good. It was like it it it it wasn't too light on the ships, but it wasn't too many chips. It was like a chocolate melted mess. At think Giradelli Chocolates Chaozhou who la La it was. Let me tell you. They were real. Really enjoyed them i. wish I had butter, but there was a syrup and everything it was great I walked inside and just got in butter but I didn't WanNa go back in The coffee was great. I really enjoyed the diner coffee that we had. We both thought it was pretty good. The orange juice was just okay. Isabelle had just changed a machine. Now, a part of the thing that she had to do on around was of she was doing everything she was machine but she she she was a machine herself but she changed orange juice machine out. So it was it was just okay it was one. Of those minute maid orange says, but the eggs, the eggs were cooked perfect and so Kudos to the chef whoever's back there because an over easy is not and I had a bite of my mom's over easy egg as is not easy to do, and then the the scrambled eggs with cheese were really really good. I put some ketchup on their the Hash, browns wise like you were saying it was that sort of thing of the Hash browns were just okay they they weren't. They weren't great. Yes. They're the ones with cheese on I'm like even though it just I you know travel just like ten feet I, still it. Just didn't work as well. If there was if there was any, you know anything that critique, it would probably be the the Hash Browns I. Think if you look at the Denny's the Grand Slam, breakfast they don't include Hash browns and their Grand Slam breakfast, which is their signature breakfast. I yeah. I think that's an indicator of of how much they stock putting their browns but it's Yeah. That was I will say speaking of the eggs scrambled eggs in my trees Oh burrito I think we're we're also very well cooked. And That's that's what you're what you're looking for I. Did you get any also make? The Hash browns if they were more crispy throughout like if they were just like There's too much mushy potatoes underneath the top layer of rice penis and I think putting cheese on that would probably make it even more mushy and grow so like I feel like if it was a crispier Hash Brown, they might be I wonder if you could order them beer like if you could say like well done or something because that might have made them a little bit better. Yeah. Yeah. That that that could have helped and also didn't touch on the Bacon and Sasha's I thought the bank it was good. My mom like didn't think that the sausage was like a great quality sausage but she we we both thought it was pretty good. And then the toast was the toast was decent but it was like. Even, traveling just ten feet or whatever you know like to go toast is just tougher of if I put it I ate the buttery sections of it and it tastes pretty good. But if they have been a little warmer and tells us, it would have been fine. So Overall. It they did a great job with with my breakfast. Wow sounds like we all had. Very enthusiastic things to say or mostly enthusiastic things to say about the AM side. But what about the EM side of Dennis? Let me put on my blanket. Let me put on my pajamas hold on. The PM side hold on. We'll find out right after this packwood.

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