Tucker Carlson, Chris Right, Rachel Maddow discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show


That's more intimate. Don't really value your time right right. That's film we got kicked out of Providence. For probably boring. They gave him a B. minus minus. He was a nice commission. Maybe do a boring mind. This T shirt T shirts we go live live today. Okay Good Steve or I guess it went live yesterday the matter Wasco ice fishing expedition too. I like that and hoodies live. I got a lot of a lot in my the world of brushback people did not like that running club because they were upset because of the train Macau some serious. Can you take this stuff and if you think it's funny what Pat's don't worry about subway. We're all running away from a train right. Sure that's what I always crazy locomotive. Aw software things. I don't know Tucker Carlson very well that you can tell. We're going to be good friends. Sure that seems like that's inevitable. At this point. I think he would go on some liberal. We'll podcasts. Oh definitely whereas Rachel maddow would not come on here. He likes the fight. You know. I don't think Lawrence O'Donnell or Chris Hayes would that's who is that's it was competitors competitor is right or think so. Yeah it's Chris Right. Would you take more than going on someone else's product. It's tug on his show for sure a bigger. Yeah whereas like you know they're not GonNa do that Tucker's also I mean being. He's like an international superstar in the news entertainment business but he's remarkably down to earth does because.

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