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And we continue on a Friday. We walk back to get up brought to you by Genesis greenie, Jan Ladda, Jonathan Vilma, former jet, Saint and star at the u. s. college football more stretch out. I do. I'm still not one hundred percent. Sure. I buy that. You could kick your leg over anybody's head, but that's neither here nor there. Just on the other who John McEnroe is here. Giant MAC. Here he'll talk with us live. Can kick over people. Right? So he can kick over someone's head and I can't. I I don't know if he can or can't. I know he hasn't said on the show that he can. Oh, the two different. Meanwhile, let's start last night with the northwestern Wildcats a solid road win in their opener on the road. As I mentioned in the conference at thirty one twenty seven. You saw the game live on ESPN the Wildcats hits nine straight wins and counting and that man software running back Jeremy Larkin hundred forty three yards in two touchdowns. Their defense was great. They picked off the largest into three times and turned all three of those into touch. Late and towards did come back and play a lot in this game, which was remarkable considering tore up his knee bowl game at the very end of December. They really practically until gametime didn't know if he'd play at all and he did played significant. I just watched it for the CUDA ways of Trent. Green knows the good road win for a good north western team. You know what I will take it talking down team, take their good teachers move on number twenty one. Are they good? They begin their national title defense. That's what they'd call it at uconn. MacKenzie, Milton new sort of an outside darkhorse Heisman candidate through three hundred forty six yards and five touchdowns in the game UCF. Where do we place them in all of this? They haven't lost a game at a really long time. We place the nowhere for right now. Wait until they play some beer games, more marquee match ups and see if they win. And even if they go undefeated I don't think they're in the playoff. Well, I'm going to they're going to feed it. They want to claim themselves national champ. Again, I'm going to that parade. I like it. Let's get up and go. JIMBO Fisher era began at college station. Last night is Texas am blew out. Northwestern state fifty, nine, two, seven of score you pretty much expected with these two squads for Fisher who signed a ten year seventy five million dollar contract with the aggies. The butterflies were still there even against the lesser opponent..

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