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Eleven twenty I'm Mike McCann we are six hours away from the World Series being tied top of the eighth inning the Astros continually the nationals eight to one Alex Bregman he's the banning star of first inning RBI single a seventh inning grand slam he's driven in five but don't overlook Jose Queenie who held Washington to just two hits and no runs over the first five innings basketball tonight Ralph one for the next press of first half no doubt about it but the last twenty four minutes totally forgettable they had no answer for the Celtics falling one eighteen the ninety five rookie RJ American team used to be the one ray of light twenty six points and seven boards that's after beating the next Friday night to this day off will be Memphis tomorrow for the Grizzlies all three local hockey teams idle college football no problem for number one Alabama the question visiting Arkansas forty eight to seven wins as well for number two L. issue state and number for cleansing but Kansas state upset Oklahoma number five ranked Sooners will be dropping in the polls after forty eight forty one defeat closer to home records be liberty forty four thirty four San Jose state over army thirty four twenty nine but you call and got into the win column fifty six thirty five overview mass of the Ivy League wings for Yale and Princeton but hello he was beaten badly by Dartmouth fifty nine to twenty four week eight NFL jets look for their second win of the season Sam Donald company will be in Jacksonville thank Jaguars who are three.

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